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Dependencias inversas para shoulda Latest version of the following gems require shoulda

paperclip 6.1.0

Easy upload management for ActiveRecord

52.525.938 Descargas

ruby-saml 1.12.2

SAML toolkit for Ruby on Rails

33.156.009 Descargas

webrobots 0.1.2

This library helps write robots.txt compliant web robots in Ruby.

17.460.112 Descargas

health_check 3.1.0

Simple health check of Rails app for uptime monitoring with Pingdom, NewRelic, EngineYa...

13.343.390 Descargas

rack-rewrite 1.5.1

A rack middleware for enforcing rewrite rules. In many cases you can get away with rack...

9.724.612 Descargas

iso_country_codes 0.7.8

ISO country code and currency library

5.739.467 Descargas


A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.

5.295.434 Descargas

aes 0.5.1

An AES encrypt/decrypt gem built ontop of OpenSSL. Not as quick as FastAES, but it doe...

5.175.770 Descargas

gelf 3.1.0

Library to send GELF messages to Graylog logging server. Supports plain-text, GELF mess...

4.983.762 Descargas

simple-random 1.0.3

Simple Random Number Generator including Beta, Cauchy, Chi square, Exponential, Gamma, ...

4.581.564 Descargas

gmail_xoauth 0.4.2

Get access to Gmail IMAP and STMP via OAuth, using the standard Ruby Net libraries

4.344.222 Descargas

rack-ssl-enforcer 0.2.9

Rack::SslEnforcer is a simple Rack middleware to enforce ssl connections

3.976.844 Descargas

rbovirt 0.1.7

A Ruby client for oVirt REST API

3.949.240 Descargas

sendgrid 1.2.4

This gem allows simple integration between ActionMailer and SendGrid. ...

3.252.564 Descargas

soap4r-ruby1.9 2.0.5

Ruby 1.9.2 compatible soap4r library

2.732.156 Descargas

gollum-lib 5.1

A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.

2.492.958 Descargas

gollum-lib 5.1

A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.

2.492.958 Descargas

meta_search 1.1.3

Allows simple search forms to be created against an AR3 model and its association...

2.487.537 Descargas

rails-jquery-autocomplete 1.0.5

Use jQuery's autocomplete plugin with Rails 4+.

1.980.841 Descargas

em-resolv-replace 1.1.3

EventMachine-aware DNS lookup for Ruby

1.883.991 Descargas

xeroizer 2.20.0

Ruby library for the Xero accounting API. Originally developed by Wayne Robinson, now ...

1.582.985 Descargas

openvas-omp 0.0.4

Communicate with OpenVAS manager through OMP. This library is used for communication w...

1.579.384 Descargas

rack-mobile-detect 0.4.0

Rack::MobileDetect detects mobile devices and adds an X_MOBILE_DEVICE header to the...

1.479.408 Descargas

churn 1.0.8

High method and class churn has been shown to have increased bug and error rates. This ...

1.446.075 Descargas

querystring 0.1.0

Flexible querystring generator

1.382.772 Descargas

gemcutter 0.7.1

Provides the `gem yank` and `gem webhook` commands to RubyGems.

1.312.510 Descargas

rails3-jquery-autocomplete 1.0.15

Use jQuery's autocomplete plugin with Rails 3.

1.295.298 Descargas

hoptoad_notifier 2.4.11

Send your application errors to our hosted service and reclaim your inbox.

1.234.068 Descargas

obscenity 1.0.2

Obscenity is a profanity filter gem for Ruby/Rubinius, Rails (through ActiveModel), and...

1.102.169 Descargas

damerau-levenshtein 1.3.3

This gem implements pure Levenshtein algorithm, Damerau modification (where 2 character...

1.085.693 Descargas

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