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This code allows you to keep the display labels in the model when the DB holds only a 1 character flag. and when the code requires symbolic references to the value to use in algorithms element 0 of the array passed in is always the logical symbol If a 2-element Array is passed in, [key, label] and the first letter of label is the DB value If a 3-element Array is passed in, [key, DB value, label] Any other type passed in throws an error Limitations: Don't use this if you will run reports directly against the DB In that case, the reports will not have access to the display labels

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  1. 0.0.9 - October 30, 2012 (787KB)
  2. 0.0.8 - October 30, 2012 (299KB)
  3. 0.0.7 - October 30, 2012 (59KB)
  4. 0.0.6 - March 22, 2012 (16.5KB)
  5. 0.0.5 - March 09, 2012 (8.5KB)



  • Mark Windholtz

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