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rubygems-tasksの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require rubygems-tasks

google-protobuf 3.21.12

Protocol Buffers are Google's data interchange format.

182,510,137 ダウンロード

ffi-compiler 1.0.1

Ruby FFI library

57,166,893 ダウンロード

stripe-ruby-mock 3.0.1

A drop-in library to test stripe without hitting their servers

10,112,660 ダウンロード

phone 1.2.3

Phone number parsing, validation and formatting.

3,098,311 ダウンロード

contentful 2.16.3

Ruby client for the Content Delivery API

3,014,653 ダウンロード

waitutil 0.2.1

Utilities for waiting for various conditions

2,125,009 ダウンロード

nokogiri-diff 0.2.0

Nokogiri::Diff adds the ability to calculate the differences (added or removed nodes) b...

997,557 ダウンロード

onceover 3.20.0

Automatically generates tests for your Puppet code

970,984 ダウンロード

wheretz 0.0.6

Fast and precise time zone by geo coordinates lookup

939,065 ダウンロード

albacore 3.0.1

Easily build your .Net or Mono project using this collection of Rake tasks. Albacor...

795,787 ダウンロード

ruby_version 1.0.2

Provides a RubyVersion class which offers a convenient DSL for checking for the right R...

772,158 ダウンロード

gqli 1.2.0

GraphQL client with simple interface, designed for developer happiness

739,794 ダウンロード

yard-junk 0.0.9

YardJunk is structured logger/error validator plugin for YARD documentation gem.

735,955 ダウンロード

rprogram 0.3.2

RProgram is a library for creating wrappers around command-line programs. RProgram prov...

696,446 ダウンロード

rich_text_renderer 0.3.0

Rich Text Renderer for the Contentful RichText field type

681,601 ダウンロード

minitest-vcr 1.4.0

I like MiniTest. I like VCR. I like not having to manage cassetes.

507,244 ダウンロード

contentful_middleman 4.2.0

Load blog posts and other managed content into Middleman

503,934 ダウンロード

carrierwave-video-thumbnailer 0.1.4

Lets you make video thumbnails in carrierwave via ffmpegthumbnailer

417,847 ダウンロード

rltk 3.0.1

The Ruby Language Toolkit provides classes for creating context-free grammars, lexers, ...

410,874 ダウンロード

colorls 1.4.6

A Ruby CLI gem that beautifies the terminal's ls command, with color and font-awesome i...

407,749 ダウンロード

clocale 0.0.4

A Ruby gem that wraps C locale functions.

348,479 ダウンロード

packagecloud-ruby 1.0.8

library for interacting with

288,374 ダウンロード

crossing 0.2.1

The native AWS command line does not have an easy way to upload encrypted files to S3...

253,303 ダウンロード

ruby_engine 2.0.0

Gives you an RubyEngine class that simplifies checking for your Ruby implementation.

246,093 ダウンロード

ruby_info 1.0.1

Provides a RubyInfo class that simplifies accessing global information. Run

226,894 ダウンロード

gce-metadata 0.2.4

gce-metadata provides access to GCE instance metadata.

225,544 ダウンロード

sequel_secure_password 0.2.15

Plugin adds authentication methods to Sequel models using BCrypt library.

201,542 ダウンロード

pbkdf256 0.1.3

A very simple, but fast (native) RFC compliant PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA256 ruby gem based on Col...

190,502 ダウンロード

keystores 0.4.0

This gem allows you to interact with java key stores in pure ruby. Keys and Certificate...

188,132 ダウンロード

epub-parser 0.4.6

Parse EPUB 3 book loosely

184,722 ダウンロード

累計ダウンロード数 362,455

このバージョンのみ 93,812

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