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rubycritic 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require rubycritic

openseek-api 0.17.3

ruby gem to talk to openbis-api java libaries, for use within SEEK4Science

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sixarm_ruby_time_terse 3.0.0

Time.terse methods to generate a string formatted with YMDHMSN

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codebreaker_paratskiy 0.2.4

Write a longer description or delete this line.

7,036 下载

azeroth 0.7.1


6,991 下载

long-command-runner 0.3.0

This lib aims to follow a terminal command that is long to execute and monitorthe CPU u...

6,791 下载

qat-devel 7.0.0

QAT Devel is a tool for executing common tasks in the development of QAT modules: -...

6,662 下载

rapid_runty 0.1.4

A minimal web framework to get your web project up and running in seconds.

6,325 下载

simplecov-small-badge 0.2.4

Small Badge generator for SimpleCov coverage tool for ruby

6,289 下载

sixarm_ruby_array_slice 3.0.0

Provide Array #slice_by_share, #slice_by_size

6,199 下载

sixarm_ruby_person_name 2.0.0

PersonName methods to calculate a person's full name, list name, initials, etc.

6,105 下载

rack-cloudflare 1.0.5

Deal with Cloudflare features in Rack-based apps.

5,716 下载

sixarm_ruby_range_parse 2.0.0

Range.parse method to convert text to a Range object

5,538 下载

sixarm_ruby_pro_logger 3.0.0

Logs more information than the typical Ruby logger.

5,442 下载

sixarm_ruby_date_stamp 2.0.0

Date.stamp method for RFC ISO date stamp

5,335 下载

katsuyoujin 0.0.3

Japanese verb conjugator.

5,293 下载

sixarm_ruby_math_statistics 2.0.0

Math statitics methods for sum, mean, median, mode, variance, deviation, etc.

5,290 下载

hoppinger 1.0.6

Cap tasks for Hoppinger servers

5,194 下载

sixarm_ruby_blob 2.0.0

Keep track of data as a file, or URI, with basic upload etc.

4,820 下载

lyon 0.1.2

A simple gem configuration gem to allow a gem user to configure gem specific variables.

4,743 下载

afs_dev 0.1.10

A collection of dev gems I find useful.

4,455 下载

lambdapunt 0.1.3

This tool will deploy jar files and update lambda functions.

4,333 下载

sixarm_ruby_hash_more 2.0.0

HashMore class to create a recursive hash

4,262 下载

sample-template-generator-gem 0.3.2

Bespoke tool for generating spreadsheet templates from Sample Types for use with SEEK.

4,017 下载

sixarm_ruby_alpha_bravo 2.0.0

NATO alphabet helper that provides words for alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, etc.

3,909 下载

cabernet 0.1.2

This library enables developers to execute Paypal APIs on behalf of merchants.

3,603 下载

osu_person 0.3

Validate an ohio state person's email, name.#, & emplid.

3,474 下载

sixarm_ruby_date_age 2.0.0

Provide Date #age_in_days, #age_in_years

3,459 下载

require_smasher 0.4.1

Require Smasher give you the power to require ruby files in a list of directories and t...

3,348 下载

filly 0.1.1

This gem implements the credit card related functionality and credential check using St...

3,332 下载

democritus 0.2.1

Democritus is library for building classes from reusable components.

3,115 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.4.0