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Reverse dependencies for rubocop-require_tools Latest version of the following gems require rubocop-require_tools

fastlane-plugin-lokalise 2.0.6

Sync metadata with Lokalise

70,087 下載

fastlane-plugin-setup_app_feedback_sdk 0.1.1

Setup the Info.plist for App Feedback SDK

68,683 下載

fastlane-plugin-dynatrace 1.0.7

This action processes and uploads your symbol files to Dynatrace

67,159 下載

fastlane-plugin-icon_versioning 1.4.0

Overlay build information on top of your app icon

62,801 下載

fastlane-plugin-jira_util 0.2.3

%q{Create JIRA issues and manage versions with this plugin}

61,962 下載

fastlane-plugin-killsimulator 0.1.0

Kill all the open simulatores

56,928 下載

fastlane-plugin-bitrise_automation 0.4.1

Trigger builds on Bitrise, check their status and download artifacts using Fastlane

55,109 下載

fastlane-plugin-create_merge_request 0.1.2

This will create a new merge request on GitLab.

53,375 下載

fastlane-plugin-jira_set_fix_version 1.0.3

Tags all Jira issues mentioned in git changelog with with a fix version from parameter ...

51,530 下載

fastlane-plugin-jira_issue_details 0.2.1

Get the details for the given jira issue key(s)

51,397 下載

fastlane-plugin-swiftlint_codequality 2.0.1

Converts SwiftLint reports into GitLab support CodeQuality reports

50,587 下載

fastlane-plugin-google_chat 0.1.3

Send messages to Google Chat

50,130 下載

fastlane-plugin-upload_to_server 0.1.6

Upload IPA and APK to your own server

49,095 下載

fastlane-plugin-jira_issue_link 0.1.1

Plugin to add remote link to jira issue

48,292 下載

fastlane-plugin-semantic_release2 1.13.0

Fork for: Automated version managment and generator of release notes.

47,002 下載

fastlane-plugin-android_versioning_kts 0.2.0

android versioning for gradle kotlin DSL

44,280 下載

fastlane-plugin-file_manager 0.2.0

Copy and remove files

43,111 下載

fastlane-plugin-release_helper 0.1.39

release heper

41,452 下載

fastlane-plugin-airwatch_workspaceone 2.4.0

The main purpose of this plugin is to upload an IPA or an APK file to an AirWatch or Wo...

40,703 下載

fastlane-plugin-simple_loco 2.1.1

A simple implementation for exporting translations from Loco.

40,045 下載


upload ipa or apk to

38,406 下載

fastlane-plugin-analyze_ios_ipa 0.1.2

analysis iOS app/ipa multiple data. eg: 1) ipa basic info 2) Size occupied by each comp...

36,451 下載

skeleton-ui 0.1.20

Tool for fast generating multi language page objects from iOS (device/simulator) and An...

35,864 下載

fastlane-plugin-update_app_associated_domains 0.1.0

[iOS] Replace associated domains array for the key

35,511 下載

fastlane-plugin-build_log_info 0.2.1

show build log info

35,449 下載

fastlane-plugin-firebase_management 1.1.0

Unofficial tool to access Firebase project settings

34,845 下載

fastlane-plugin-androidmanifest_editor 0.6.0

edit meta-data in AndroidManifest.xml

34,678 下載

fastlane-plugin-coveralls 1.0.1

Send coverage information to Coveralls

34,579 下載

fastlane-plugin-microsft_teams_message_card 0.1.01

Send a message card to your Microsoft teams channel

32,288 下載

fastlane-plugin-create_bitbucket_pull_request 1.0.0

This lane creates create bitbucket pull request

31,940 下載

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這個版本 161,986

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