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Reverse dependencies for rubocop-require_tools 0.1.2

fastlane 2.137.0

The easiest way to automate beta deployments and releases for your iOS and Android apps

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fastlane-plugin-firebase_app_distribution 0.1.4

Release your beta builds to Firebase App Distribution.

121,228 下載

fastlane-plugin-tpa 2.1.0

TPA gives you advanced user behaviour analytics, app distribution, crash analytics and ...

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fastlane-plugin-slack_upload 0.1.0

Uploads specified file to Slack

75,333 下載

fastlane-plugin-browserstack 0.3.1

Uploads IPA and APK files to BrowserStack for automation and manual testing.

68,298 下載

fastlane-plugin-xcconfig 2.0.0

Adds 2 actions to fastlane to read and update xcconfig files.

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fastlane-plugin-run_tests_firebase_testlab 0.3.1

Runs Android tests in Firebase Test Lab.

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fastlane-plugin-semantic_release 1.7.0

Automated version managment and generator of release notes.

28,763 下載

fastlane-plugin-google_drive 0.4.1

Upload files to Google Drive

19,945 下載

fastlane-plugin-gradle_properties 0.1.0

Read properties in your Fastfile easily

19,695 下載

fastlane-plugin-xcodegen 0.1.0

Run xcodegen for the project

17,466 下載

fastlane-plugin-jira_set_fix_version 1.0.3

Tags all Jira issues mentioned in git changelog with with a fix version from parameter ...

16,694 下載

fastlane-plugin-xchtmlreport 0.1.1

Plugin for XCHTMLReport

15,961 下載

fastlane-plugin-google_sheet_localize 0.3.06

Creates .strings files for iOS and strings.xml files for Android

15,516 下載

fastlane-plugin-lokalise 2.0.6

Sync metadata with Lokalise

13,965 下載

fastlane-plugin-flutter 0.3.16

Flutter actions plugin for Fastlane

13,894 下載

fastlane-plugin-fast_city 0.8.18

fastlane tools for TeamCity CI

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fastlane-plugin-firebase_test_lab_android 1.0.0

Test your app with Firebase Test Lab with ease using fastlane

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fastlane-plugin-release_helper 0.1.39

release heper

9,361 下載

fastlane-plugin-icon_versioning 1.3.1

Overlay build information on top of your app icon

8,220 下載

fastlane-plugin-validate_app 0.3.0

Validate your build before uploading to iTunes Connect

7,478 下載

fastlane-plugin-create_github_issue 0.1.0

Create GitHub issue

7,199 下載

fastlane-plugin-android_emulator 1.1.0

Creates and starts an Android Emulator (AVD)

6,986 下載

fastlane-plugin-swiftlint_codequality 2.0.1

Converts SwiftLint reports into GitLab support CodeQuality reports

6,400 下載

fastlane-plugin-altool 1.1.0

Upload IPA to iTunes Connect using altool

6,124 下載

fastlane-plugin-accessibility_test 0.1.17

Accessibility test with Firebase Test Lab for Android.

5,937 下載

fastlane-plugin-coveralls 1.0.1

Send coverage information to Coveralls

5,753 下載

fastlane-plugin-properties 1.1.2

Adds 4 actions to fastlane to read and update properties files.

5,598 下載

fastlane-plugin-jira_issue_details 0.2.1

Get the details for the given jira issue key(s)

5,359 下載

fastlane-plugin-cerberus 0.1.0

Cerberus is a fastlane plugin for extracting Jira issues from commit messages and shari...

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