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rubocop-require_tools 的反向依赖 0.1.2

fastlane-plugin-properties 1.0.2

Adds 4 actions to fastlane to read and update properties files.

4,353 下载

fastlane-plugin-teak 1.1.0

Fastlane plugins for the Teak SDK

4,068 下载

fastlane-plugin-xcov_report 1.1.3

Generate custom HTML for coverage

3,689 下载

fastlane-plugin-snapshot_test 0.2.9

Compare snapshots

3,654 下载

fastlane-plugin-danger_result 0.2.2

Get danger data plugin.

3,618 下载

fastlane-plugin-instabug_official 0.2.1

Plugin to upload DSYMs to Instabug Dashboard.

3,605 下载

fastlane-plugin-fivethree_ionic 0.2.0

Fastlane plugin for Ionic v4 Projects

3,569 下载

fastlane-plugin-semaphore 0.2.0

Semaphore CI integration

3,458 下载

fastlane-plugin-build_log_info 0.2.0

show build log info

3,198 下载

fastlane-plugin-schedule 0.2.0

Run lane from current time

3,119 下载

fastlane-plugin-app_store_build_info 0.2.0

Get build info from App Store Connect

3,049 下载

fastlane-plugin-android_change_package_name 0.1.9

Change the package name in the AndroidManifest.xml file

2,886 下载

fastlane-plugin-remove_git_tag 0.1.0

This will remove a specific tag from your remote branch

2,823 下载

fastlane-plugin-imagesgoldenrun 0.1.7

this allows comparing images from a golden run with the actual results

2,755 下载

fastlane-plugin-rename_android_package 0.1.0

Renames Android package

2,702 下载

fastlane-plugin-xcode_test_reporter 1.0.1

Generates JUnit or HTML report from Xcode `plist` test report files.

2,680 下载

fastlane-plugin-trello 1.1.5

Fastlane plugin for moving a trello card to a given list

2,539 下载

fastlane-plugin-xcconfig_actions 1.4.2

Adds actions to fastlane to work with xcconfig files

2,414 下载

fastlane-plugin-airwatch_workspaceone 2.2.0

The main purpose of this plugin is to upload an IPA or an APK file to an AirWatch or Wo...

2,256 下载

fastlane-plugin-appcenter_get_version 0.1.0

get the latest build version from the app center

2,204 下载

fastlane-plugin-ipa_info 0.3.3

show ipa info

2,102 下载

fastlane-plugin-git_commit_changelog_to_markdown 0.1.0

This plugin will take the output of the changelog_from_git_commits plugin and convert i...

2,093 下载

fastlane-plugin-line_notify 0.2.1

To be able to send message to Line Notify

1,988 下载

fastlane-plugin-bitrise 0.2.0

Fastlane plugin to trigger a bitrise build with some options

1,977 下载

fastlane-plugin-android_emulator_kami 1.1.1

Creates and starts an Android Emulator (AVD)

1,977 下载

fastlane_iac_publish 0.1.5

The easiest way to automate beta deployments and releases for your iOS and Android apps

1,962 下载

fastlane-plugin-managed_google_play 0.1.0

Create Managed Google Play Apps

1,885 下载

fastlane-plugin-upload_to_server 0.1.5

Upload IPA and APK to your own server

1,832 下载

fastlane-plugin-deploy_module_bintray 0.5.0

Gradle action to deploy a Module from an Android project

1,799 下载

fastlane-plugin-google_chat 0.1.1

Send messages to Google Chat

1,730 下载

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