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Dependencias inversas para roo Latest version of the following gems require roo

axlsx_rails 0.6.1

Axlsx_Rails provides an Axlsx renderer so you can move all your spreadsheet code from y...

7.588.751 Descargas

roo-xls 1.2.0

Roo can access the contents of various spreadsheet files. It can handle * OpenOffice * ...

7.346.066 Descargas

caxlsx_rails 0.6.2

Caxlsx_Rails provides an Caxlsx renderer so you can move all your spreadsheet code from...

1.617.853 Descargas

data_miner 3.0.0

Download, pull out of a ZIP/TAR/GZ/BZ2 archive, parse, correct, and import XLS, ODS, XM...

345.400 Descargas

remote_table 3.3.3

Open local or remote XLSX, XLS, ODS, CSV (comma separated), TSV (tab separated), other ...

258.042 Descargas

simple-spreadsheet 0.5.0

Simple spreadsheet reader for common formats: Excel (.xls, .xlsx), Open-office (.ods) a...

207.525 Descargas

awetestlib 1.2.4

Features robust and flexible reporting.

180.144 Descargas

adops_report_scrapper 0.2.52

Adops Report Scrapper is a collection of web scrappers that can automatically extract t...

119.800 Descargas

openstudio-analysis 1.2.0

Basic classes for generating the files needed for OpenStudio-Server

94.636 Descargas

hdo-storting-importer 0.6.0

Gem to process data from

90.968 Descargas

roo-google 1.0.0

Roo::Google extend Roo to support google spreadsheet files.

83.049 Descargas

openstudio-standards 0.2.14

Creates DOE Prototype building models and transforms proposed models to baseline models...

77.895 Descargas

fruit_to_lime 2.7.1

With this small library it should be much easier to generate import file to Lime Go.

75.926 Descargas

condition 0.0.30

Condition Test

74.415 Descargas

active_importer 0.2.6

Import tabular data from spreadsheets or similar sources into data models

69.988 Descargas

opentox-ruby-api-wrapper 1.6.5

Ruby wrapper for the OpenTox REST API (

68.433 Descargas

libis-tools 1.0.9

Some tool classes for other LIBIS gems.

64.127 Descargas

active_import 0.1.7

Assist with the import of CSV and Excel files into models.

61.292 Descargas

eco-helpers 2.0.21

eco-helpers to manage people api cases

60.649 Descargas

go_import 4.0.2

go-import is an import tool for LIME Go. It can take virtually any input source and cre...

51.165 Descargas

cartodb-importer 0.2.19

Import CSV, SHP, and other files with data into a PostgreSQL table

50.711 Descargas

shoppe 1.1.2

A full Rails engine providing e-commerce functionality for any Rails 4 application.

50.017 Descargas

safai 0.0.28

A simple hello world gem

49.015 Descargas

turbot-ruby-gems 0.32

Metapackage to install gems provided by Turbot.

45.452 Descargas

pyk 0.3.2

Standard library of commonly reused functions across all Pykih Projects.

43.545 Descargas

bmg 0.18.8

Bmg is Alf's relational algebra for ruby, but much simpler and lighter than Alf itself

43.009 Descargas

arc-furnace 0.1.42

An ETL library for Ruby that performs the basic actions of ETL: extract, transform, and...

40.554 Descargas

squib 0.16.0

Squib is a Ruby DSL for prototyping card games

38.165 Descargas

stockboy 1.3.2

Supports importing data over various transports with key-value remapping & normaliz...

36.022 Descargas

avmtrf1-tools 0.33.0

Ferramentas para AVM-TRF1.

31.475 Descargas

Total de descargas 26.016.774

Para esta versión 5.541.251

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