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Reverse dependencies for ronn Latest version of the following gems require ronn

mustache 1.1.1

Inspired by ctemplate, Mustache is a framework-agnostic way to render logic-free views....

28,853,682 下載

ruby-graphviz 1.2.5

Ruby/Graphviz provides an interface to layout and generate images of directed graphs in...

17,804,390 下載

resque-pool 0.7.1

quickly and easily fork a pool of resque workers, saving memory (w/REE) and monitor...

2,851,188 下載

gist 6.0.0

Provides a single function (Gist.gist) that uploads a gist.

1,616,663 下載

churn 1.0.8

High method and class churn has been shown to have increased bug and error rates. This ...

1,456,966 下載

ghi 1.2.0

GitHub Issues on the command line. Use your `$EDITOR`, not your browser.

267,116 下載

colorls 1.4.4

A Ruby CLI gem that beautifies the terminal's ls command, with color and font-awesome i...

192,382 下載

epub-parser 0.4.5

Parse EPUB 3 book loosely

102,671 下載

RTFMd 0.10301.17

A simple, Markdown documentation helper with ronn, gollum, and offline-generation support

86,005 下載

devstructure 0.5.4

Ruby bindings to the DevStructure API

80,015 下載

cloudapp 2.1.1

Experience all the pleasures of sharing with CloudApp now in your Ruby code and terminal.

78,704 下載

github_cli 0.6.2

CLI-based access to GitHub API v3

64,685 下載

kbsecret 1.8.2

Manages your passwords, environment, and more via KBFS.

60,275 下載

machinery-tool 1.24.1

Machinery is a systems management toolkit for Linux. It supports configuration discover...

58,662 下載

stickler 2.4.2

Stickler is a tool to organize and maintain an internal gem repository. Primarily, you ...

53,686 下載

cucumber-puppet 0.3.7

cucumber-puppet is a tool for behavioral testing of Puppet catalogs

49,751 下載

shoe 0.8.0

Configuration-free Rake tasks that read your gemspec. These tasks re-use built-in Rubyg...

39,780 下載

tweetwine 0.4.5

A simple but tasty Twitter agent for command line use, designed for quickly\nshowing th...

37,072 下載

capita_git 0.1.7

Git-automation tool for quick handling of common patterns for feature and fix branches

27,777 下載

to_pass 1.0.1

Passwords should be easy to remember and hard to guess. One technique is to have a ...

26,677 下載

podcatcher 4.0.0

Armangil's podcatcher is a podcast client for the command line.

24,161 下載

guard-ronn 2.1.0

Guard::Ronn automatically builds your manual pages.

22,981 下載

snooper 2.1.6

Snooper is a lightweight test automation tool, it monitors files and folders while you ...

20,915 下載

i3-ipc 0.2.0

uses the ipc socket of i3 to send commands or get information directly from the window ...

18,700 下載

prlbackup 1.3.0

an awesome backup tool for Parallels Server Virtual Machines

17,954 下載

leif 0.0.10

A hypermedia browser for the CloudApp Collection+JSON API.

16,681 下載

perquackey 0.8.0

Provides console session and simple webapp for looking up Perquackey word matches

14,822 下載

whiteout 0.2.4

Removes trailing whitespace from standard input or from named files.

13,783 下載

sle2docker 0.5.1

sle2docker is a convenience tool which creates SUSE Linux Enterprise images for Docker....

13,459 下載

magistrate 0.5.1

Cluster-based process / worker manager

13,321 下載

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