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rodaの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require roda

uppy-s3_multipart 1.2.0

Provides a Rack application that implements endpoints for the AwsS3Multipart Uppy plugin.

274,697 ダウンロード

rodauth 2.20.0

Rodauth is Ruby's most advanced authentication framework, designed to work in all rack ...

129,766 ダウンロード

roda-component 0.1.73

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

119,170 ダウンロード

dry-web-roda 0.14.0

Roda integration for dry-web apps

110,345 ダウンロード

roda-flow 0.4.0

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

98,563 ダウンロード

tus-server 2.3.0

Ruby server implementation of, the open protocol for resumable file uploads.

78,964 ダウンロード

forme 2.0.0

Forme is a forms library with the following goals: 1) Have no external dependencies 2)...

67,401 ダウンロード

opal-webpack-loader 0.13.0

Bundle assets with webpack, resolve and compile opal ruby files and import them in the ...

55,744 ダウンロード

et_fake_ccd 1.1.11

Fake CCD server for employment tribunals

52,914 ダウンロード

bridgetown-core 0.21.5

Bridgetown is a Webpack-aware, Ruby-powered static site generator for the modern Jamsta...

51,137 ダウンロード

autoforme 1.11.0

AutoForme is an web administrative console for Sequel::Model that supports Roda, Sinatr...

48,519 ダウンロード

roda-route_list 2.1.0

Roda, like other routing tree web frameworks, doesn't have the ability to introspect ro...

48,125 ダウンロード

opener-chained-daemon 3.3.23

OpeNER daemon for processing multiple queues at once

30,807 ダウンロード

roda-rest_api 2.0.1

Create restful API easily with the Roda framework

25,655 ダウンロード

isomorfeus-puppetmaster 0.6.0

Acceptance testing for isomorfeus.

22,728 ダウンロード

roda-bin 0.1.8

allows you to run roda server/console etc...

21,378 ダウンロード

roda-container 0.1.1

A plugin for Roda which turns your application into a (IoC) container

20,164 ダウンロード

roda-basic-auth 0.1.1

Adds basic authentication methods to Roda

19,590 ダウンロード

punk 0.4.1

Punk! is an omakase web framework for rapid prototyping.

15,601 ダウンロード

rodauth-become_account 0.2.1

Easily switch Rodauth accounts

14,996 ダウンロード

rodauth-become_account 0.2.1

Easily switch Rodauth accounts

14,996 ダウンロード

roda-opal_assets 0.3.4

Compile Opal assets trivially on Roda

14,378 ダウンロード

rspec-roda 0.2.2

RSpec helpers for testing Roda applications and plugins

13,711 ダウンロード

roda-i18n 0.4.0

The Roda-i18n plugin enables easy addition of internationalisation (i18n) and localisat...

13,440 ダウンロード

roda-unpoly 0.4.0

Integrate Unpoly with Roda

13,178 ダウンロード

browserio 0.1.1

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

12,153 ダウンロード

roda-sprocket_assets 0.0.9

Use sprockets to serve assets in roda.

11,535 ダウンロード

lb-project 0.3.1

Static site builder with easy migration to dynamic site

9,390 ダウンロード

invoice_printer_server 2.2.0

Super simple and fast PDF invoicing in pure Ruby (based on Prawn library).

9,135 ダウンロード

roda-endpoints 0.3.6

Generic endpoints and specific implementations.

9,130 ダウンロード

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