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rmagick 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require rmagick

carrierwave 2.1.0

Upload files in your Ruby applications, map them to a range of ORMs, store them on diff...

37,533,913 下载

gemojione 4.3.3

A gem for EmojiOne

7,687,799 下载

gruff 0.11.0

Beautiful graphs for one or multiple datasets. Can be used on websites or in documents.

1,373,790 下载

scale_down 0.8.1

A Sinatra based server for quickly scaling and serving images. Nothing more.

666,616 下载

sprite-factory 1.7.1

Combines individual images from a directory into a single sprite image file and creates...

657,464 下载

piet 0.2.6


511,357 下载

backlog 0.41.4

Backlog is a tool to help you collect and organize all your tasks, whether you are a si...

423,205 下载

carrierwave-processing 1.1.0

Additional processing support for MiniMagick and RMagick

306,487 下载

papercrop 0.3.0

An easy extension for Paperclip to crop your image uploads using jCrop

244,285 下载

prawn-fast-png 0.2.3

An extension of Prawn that improves the performance when embedding PNG images conta...

209,915 下载

knjrbfw 0.0.113

Including stuff for HTTP, SSH and much more.

204,760 下载

avatarly 1.6.0

Avatarly is a simple gem for Ruby that creates gmail-like avatars with initials, inspir...

181,655 下载

active_assets 1.1.3

A Railtie that provides an asset management system for css, javascript, and sprites in ...

158,893 下载

avatars_for_rails 1.1.4

A Rails engine that allows any model to act as avatarable, permitting it to have a comp...

135,843 下载

retina_rails 2.0.5

Retina Rails makes your application use high-resolution images by default. It automatic...

122,216 下载

blog_logic 1.4.15

An engine for search-engine-optimized blog management.

113,790 下载

carrierwave-meta 0.0.7

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

113,123 下载

has_moderated 1.2.3

Moderated fields or whole model instances are serialized and saved into a separate mode...

112,694 下载

easy_captcha 0.6.5

Captcha-Plugin for Rails

111,444 下载

alula 0.4.27

Alula creates higly optimised static blogs while taking all the complexity and repeated...

110,499 下载

burp_cms 1.7.1

A CMS that tries hard to not get in your way!

104,530 下载

carrierwave-vips 1.2.0

Adds VIPS support to CarrierWave

91,221 下载


Core for all Tramway Rails Engines

88,513 下载

imagine_cms 5.2.4

See README for details.

84,715 下载

murlsh 1.9.3

Host your bookmarks or maintain a link blog

80,765 下载

openall_time_applet 0.0.45

Off-line time-tracking for OpenAll with syncing when online.

73,447 下载

jekyll-responsive-image 1.5.5

Highly configurable Jekyll plugin for managing responsive images. Automatically res...

71,878 下载


LINES lets you manage your posts in a clear, consistent frontend. The gracefully slende...

69,931 下载

dicom 0.9.8

DICOM is a standard widely used throughout the world to store and transfer medical imag...

69,383 下载

query_report 1.2.1

This is a gem to help you to structure common reports of you application just by writin...

66,925 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.3.0