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rbitter 0.2.4

Rbitter archives all tweets appeared on user streaming using ActiveRecord. XMLRPC is us...

13 587 Téléchargements

rbitter 0.2.4

Rbitter archives all tweets appeared on user streaming using ActiveRecord. XMLRPC is us...

13 587 Téléchargements

ripl-rails 0.2.0

This provides an alternative to script/console and a ripl Rails plugin to be reused wit...

13 302 Téléchargements

ripl-fresh 0.2.1

Fresh Ruby Enhanced SHell automatically detects, if your current command should be Ruby...

12 140 Téléchargements

ripl-readline-em 0.2.1

Run EventMachine code in a ripl shell asynchronously with readline editing and completion

10 609 Téléchargements

resque-pool-dynamic 0.1.3

A class to dynamically manage number of processes and status in the resque pool with a ...

9 945 Téléchargements

ripe 0.3.0

Abstraction layer between the MOAB/Torque stack and your pipeline.

8 543 Téléchargements

ripl-watir 0.0.4

A ripl plugin to provide an interactive shell for creating page objects to build an aut...

8 205 Téléchargements

ripl-debug 0.2.0

This ripl plugin automatically starts the debugger whenever an evaled input throws an e...

7 326 Téléchargements

ripl-after_rc 0.1.0

This ripl plugin provides a simple way to define blocks which are run after ~/.irbrc is...

6 582 Téléchargements

nirvana 0.1.1

A ruby web shell that has autocompletion and readline behavior. It uses websockets, rep...

5 742 Téléchargements

ripl-rocket 0.1.1

Lets you display the ripl result as a comment on the same line.

5 595 Téléchargements

mini_strava 0.3.1

A simple client for the strava API

5 006 Téléchargements

take-a-look 0.2

A try a writing a simple ruby debugger detailed here

4 439 Téléchargements

rethinkdb-cli 0.0.2

A rethinkdb cli written in Ruby

3 532 Téléchargements

tryruby 0.0.3

Console tutorial tool for Ruby.

3 524 Téléchargements

ripl-hijack 0.1.0

This ripl plugin gives you a ripl console to any ruby process using hijack.

3 186 Téléchargements

universe-devtools 0.1.1

gem install universe-devtools

3 022 Téléchargements

ripl-johnson 0.1.0

A full-featured javscript shell based on johnson a.k.a mozilla's tracemonkey. Since thi...

2 986 Téléchargements

ripl-padrino 0.0.1

ripl for the padrino framework

2 964 Téléchargements

ripl-shell_commands 0.1.0

A ripl plugin that allows inline shell commands in the Ripl Shell.

2 883 Téléchargements

ripl-em 0.1.0

Run EventMachine code in a ripl shell - asynchronously of course

2 831 Téléchargements

musicbrainz_cli 0.1.0

Command Line Interface for the MusicBrainz database

2 278 Téléchargements

dripl 0.0.1

dripl is an interactive terminal for Druid. It allows fetching metadata and constru...

2 221 Téléchargements

speci 0.1

Continiusly rspec runner

2 178 Téléchargements

ijson 0.0.1

interactively browse large json file

2 046 Téléchargements

shellac-repl 0.1.1

shellac is a REPL for Varnish's varnishlog command. It's a simple tool for interactin...

1 905 Téléchargements

vimamsa 0.1.6

Vi/Vim -inspired experimental GUI-oriented text editor written with Ruby and GTK.

1 165 Téléchargements

j4zzcat-utils-rake 0.0.1

Runs rake tasks within docker

1 123 Téléchargements

strava-ruby-cli 0.1.1

Strava API CLI.

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