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redis-namespace 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require redis-namespace

airbrake 11.0.3

Airbrake is an online tool that provides robust exception tracking in any of your Ruby ...

31,565,311 下载

resque 2.0.0

Resque is a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing those j...

29,715,702 下载

sidekiq-cron 1.2.0

Enables to set jobs to be run in specified time (using CRON notation)

20,425,095 下载

redis-objects 1.5.1

Map Redis types directly to Ruby objects. Works with any class or ORM.

6,264,769 下载

gitlab-mail_room 0.0.12

mail_room will proxy email (gmail) from IMAP to a delivery method

6,119,309 下载

sidekiq-limit_fetch 3.4.0

Sidekiq strategy to restrict number of workers which are able to run specified queu...

5,991,125 下载

redis-classy 2.4.1

Class-style namespace prefixing for Redis

3,274,160 下载

mail_room 0.10.0

mail_room will proxy email (gmail) from IMAP to a delivery method

2,818,833 下载

lita 4.8.0

ChatOps for Ruby.

1,647,237 下载

raygun4ruby 3.2.6

Ruby Adapter for Raygun

1,218,613 下载

ratelimit 1.0.3

This library uses Redis to track the number of actions for a given subject over a flexi...

1,179,519 下载

cache 0.4.1

Wraps memcached, redis(-namespace), memcache-client, dalli and handles their weirdnesse...

424,090 下载

redisk 0.2.2

Redisk includes Redisk::IO which is ~ Ruby's stdlib IO. It can be used with stdlib's Lo...

281,671 下载

daddy 0.9.3

Daddy helps me build web applications since daddy knows some good practices.

258,637 下载

grape-attack 0.3.0

A middleware for Grape to add endpoint-specific throttling.

231,726 下载

cobweb 1.2.1

Cobweb is a web crawler that can use resque to cluster crawls to quickly crawl extremel...

226,831 下载

rollout_ui 0.3.0

A UI for James Golick's rollout gem

213,844 下载

sqeduler 0.3.8

Works with Sidekiq scheduler to provides a highly available scheduler that can be run o...

207,147 下载

istox 0.2.13

istox backend shared gem

201,139 下载

sidekiq-bus 0.9.0

A simple event bus on top of Sidekiq. Publish and subscribe to events as they occur thr...

137,371 下载

sufia 7.4.1

Sufia extends the robust Hydra framework to provide a user interface around common repo...

124,413 下载

redis_failover 1.0.2

redis_failover is a ZooKeeper-based automatic master/slave failover solution for Ruby

115,583 下载

sidecloq 0.4.8

Recurring / Periodic / Scheduled / Cron job extension for Sidekiq

106,997 下载

sidekiq-postpone 0.3.1

Bulk-pushes jobs to Sidekiq when you need it to.

104,235 下载

rhosync 2.1.17

RhoSync Synchronization Framework and related command-line utilities

101,867 下载

routemaster-drain 3.6.8

Event receiver for the Routemaster bus

100,736 下载

gaptool-server 0.8.5

gaptool-server for managing cloud resources

99,784 下载

nomo 0.0.50

304 Not Modified Headers made easy.

97,933 下载

extface 0.7.3

Extface allows use of Cash Registers, Fiscal and POS printers without physical connecti...

97,929 下载

ts-sidekiq-delta 0.3.0

Manage delta indexes via Sidekiq for Thinking Sphinx

95,806 下载

下载总次数 82,828,625

这个版本 2,615,133

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.4