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Dependencias inversas para recursive-open-struct Latest version of the following gems require recursive-open-struct

kubeclient 4.9.2

A client for Kubernetes REST api

13.691.923 Descargas

dapp 0.36.32

Build docker packaged apps using chef or shell

474.242 Descargas

jets 3.0.17

Jets is a framework that allows you to create serverless applications with a beautiful ...

280.657 Descargas

ruby-jss 1.6.4

The ruby-jss gem provides native ruby access to the REST APIs of Jamf Pro, an enter...

216.579 Descargas

k8s-client 0.10.4

Kubernetes client library

208.888 Descargas

image-inspector-client 2.0.0

A client for image_inspector REST API

208.408 Descargas

pheme 4.0.13

Ruby AWS SNS publisher + SQS poller & message handler

185.909 Descargas

openshift_client 1.2.0

A client for Openshift REST api

91.676 Descargas

smartkiosk-client 0.2.1

Smartkiosk client application

79.694 Descargas

libis-tools 1.0.16

Some tool classes for other LIBIS gems.

78.668 Descargas

grape-jwt-authentication 2.0.4

A reusable Grape JWT authentication concern

57.860 Descargas

moip2 1.3.1

Ruby client for moip v2 api

52.866 Descargas

site_hook 1.0.30

Catch a POST request from a git service push webhook and build a jekyll site.

48.640 Descargas

boutons 0.5.0

Boutons organizes your Synapse configuration. It handle rconfiguration and adding front...

45.458 Descargas

avmtrf1-tools 0.33.3

Ferramentas para AVM-TRF1.

42.633 Descargas


An easy-to-use client for Zuora.

41.535 Descargas

rake-xpi 0.0.42

rake helper to build XPI files

41.433 Descargas

stormpath-rails 2.8.0

Stormpath Rails integration

41.130 Descargas

telapi 1.2.3

TelAPI wrapper. See

41.080 Descargas

photish 0.7.6

Photish is a simple, convention based (but configurable) static photo site generator.

38.990 Descargas

neo4j-ruby-driver 1.7.5

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

37.876 Descargas

digitalocean 1.2.0

Ruby bindings for the Digital Ocean API.

37.579 Descargas

blanket_wrapper 3.0.2

A dead simple API wrapper. Access your data with style.

37.041 Descargas

teamd-installer 0.0.30

Discovers local cluster ID, build coreos-cloudinit file and install CoreOS to disk.

35.768 Descargas

zetabot 2.0.7

Zeta is a IRC bot written in ruby using the Cinch Framework

33.721 Descargas

rollbar-api 0.4.1

Rubygem for accessing Rollbar's full REST and RQL APIs.

32.726 Descargas

adobe-aem-api 0.0.8

Provides functionality to manage Adobe AEM instances.

26.076 Descargas

redminerb 0.8.4

Redminerb is a command-line tool to speak with a Redmine server using its REST API.

23.532 Descargas

aws_pocketknife 0.1.28

Have you ever find yourself going through the aws cli documentation page over and over ...

22.964 Descargas

cli_miami 0.0.9

A feature rich alternative for `gets` and `puts` for your cli interface

22.480 Descargas

Total de descargas 19.115.392

Para esta versión 2.760.547

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