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rbt 0.11.118

This gem is called RBT, which is an abbreviation for "Ruby Build Tools". The 0.11.x release series was started in August 2022. Essentially, this project is a collection of different ruby scripts/classes that may aid in the process of compiling or installing programs from source, but also allow installation from binary, from a remote or from a local location (e. g. a file in a directory on the local harddisc/SSD). There are presently 3790 registered programs available as part of the RBT project. For more information about the project, have a look at the documentation, which can be found at the bottom right side on the homepage of this gem ( or simply visit the following link: )

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  1. 0.13.27 - December 04, 2023 (4,25 Mo)
  2. 0.13.26 - November 24, 2023 (4,25 Mo)
  3. 0.11.118 - May 29, 2023 (4,42 Mo)
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  • Robert A. Heiler

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Version de Ruby requise: >= 2.7.6

Required Rubygems Version: >= 3.4.13