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Web apps on Rails. Simple, battle-tested conventions for building and testing MVC web a...

283 871 781 Téléchargements


Simple, battle-tested conventions and helpers for building web pages.

227 761 128 Téléchargements

grape-papertrail 0.2.0

Papertrail support for Grape APIs

68 437 Téléchargements

decanter 3.5.0

Decanter aims to reduce complexity in Rails controllers by creating a place for transfo...

55 720 Téléchargements

turbot-ruby-gems 0.32

Metapackage to install gems provided by Turbot.

44 482 Téléchargements

locomotivecms 4.0.3

Locomotive is designed to save your time and help you focus on what matters: front-end ...

41 028 Téléchargements

hot_date_rails 2.0.2

A gem that allows you to add date only, time only and datetime pickers to your forms. ...

23 320 Téléchargements

sportweb 0.3.3

sportweb - instant open sports web admin browser command line tool

8 723 Téléchargements

natero 1.2.4

Natero is customer success software used to reduce churn and increase B2B SaaS adoption.

8 605 Téléchargements

rails_fancies 1.0.17

Most rails helpers tend to be tightly focused on placing a single element on a page, li...

7 847 Téléchargements

active_seo 0.2.3

Optimize ActiveRecord models with support for SEO, Twitter and Open Graph meta.

7 653 Téléchargements

rails_admin_featured_content 1.2.3

Easy way for create featured contents using rails_admin

6 995 Téléchargements

rails_admin_content_builder 1.3.0

Easy way for create contents using rails_admin

6 353 Téléchargements

freshworks 1.1

Freshworks is customer success software used to reduce churn and increase B2B SaaS adop...

3 382 Téléchargements

spid-rails 0.2.0

Soluzione per poter effettuare il login tramite SPID

2 624 Téléchargements

safety_goggles 2.2.1

Rails error handler that integrates with Sentry and generates 4xx error responses

2 201 Téléchargements

weworkremotely 1.3.3

A catalog of recent remote job listings found on

2 082 Téléchargements

markup_attributes 0.1.2

Unobtrustively control markup rendering of ActiveRecord object attributes

2 045 Téléchargements

url_2_event 0.0.1

A ruby gem for getting metadata from event URLs

1 893 Téléchargements

rails_admin_content_builder_rails_6 1.2.0

Easy way for create contents using rails_admin on Rails 6 now with improvements and bug...

712 Téléchargements

rails_admin_featured_content_rails_6 1.0.4

Easy way for create featured contents using rails_admin on rails 6

392 Téléchargements

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