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Reverse dependencies for pry-theme Latest version of the following gems require pry-theme

pry-inline 1.0.7

This Pry plugin enables inline variables view like RubyMine!

373,629 下載

faraday_adapter_socks 0.1.1

FaradayAdapterSocks supports connection throughing socks proxy

83,545 下載

fuel 0.4.10

Fuel's goal is to be a simple yet customizable blogging gem.

49,645 下載

pry-full 2.1.0

pry-doc + pry-docmore + pry-debugger + pry-stack_explorer + pry-rescue + bond + jist + ...

35,372 下載

rash-shell 0.3.1

Write a longer description or delete this line.

32,491 下載

tee_logger 3.2.3

logging to file and standard output. require standard library only.

26,023 下載

nww_devtools 2.0.3

Gems used in development at Nix-wie-weg

16,023 下載

github_exporter 0.1.6

Export any project from Github (or a local directory) to a single pdf file. ...

11,395 下載

renc 2.2.1

recursive encode for Hash and Array.

10,036 下載

acts_as_method_cacheable 0.1.2

Make cache methods on ActiveRecord easy!

9,687 下載

source2pdf 0.2.6

Export any project from a given git repository (or a local directory) to a single pdf f...

8,327 下載

tco_client_core 0.3.1

Handles communication with's API

8,013 下載

asciidoctor-i18n 0.1.4

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

7,814 下載

pry-full18 0.4

Pry plugins approved for 1.8: pry-remote + pry-rescue + pry-nav + pry-awesome_print + p...

7,614 下載

telepath 0.1.0

Sorta like IPC for people to GTD.

6,660 下載

acts_as_brand_new_copy 1.0.1

A ruby gem for active record which simplify the copy of very complex tree data.

5,964 下載

fume-dev 0.2.1

collect useful gem and code for rails development or test environment

5,133 下載

find_and_map 1.0.0

Finds the first element for which the block returns non-falsy and returns the value.

4,629 下載

qa-tool 0.18

A lightweight tool for running your tests fast.

3,637 下載

qa-tool 0.18

A lightweight tool for running your tests fast.

3,637 下載

ruboty-url 1.2.0

Show html title with specified URL.

2,879 下載

hypercube 0.0.1

A virtual machine manager that doesn't suck as much as doing everything manually.

2,567 下載

systemd_service_check 1.1.0

This gem provide `ssc` command to check multiple `systemd service` etc on multiple remo...

2,116 下載

kitman-faraday-middleware 0.1.0

A collection of middleware for use with Faraday.

1,996 下載

ruboty-router 0.2.1

Enable Routing function to Ruboty.

1,653 下載

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