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roebe 0.5.147

What is the purpose of this project? This project essentially bundles together all my ...

387,553 下載

rbt 0.11.79

This gem is called RBT, which is an abbreviation for "Ruby Build Tools". The 0.11.x re...

353,947 下載

bioroebe 0.12.12

Welcome to the bioroebe-0.11.x release series! It is recommended to use ruby 3.x for th...

282,321 下載

studium 0.14.11

This project is called "studium", which is the german word for "studies". The project...

244,510 下載

rcfiles 1.2.105

This project will attempt to 'convert' yaml files into bash-rc files, that is, resource...

202,964 下載

dictionaries 0.3.18

This project is called dictionaries. It used to be called ask_english_words but the na...

178,145 下載

multimedia_paradise 1.1.311

This project is a collection of video- and audio-related scripts - multimedia-related a...

174,164 下載

ascii_paradise 0.2.67

This gem is called ascii_paradise. AsciiParadise is an umbrella project that allows us...

140,874 下載

ftp_paradise 1.5.3

This project aims to provide some convenience bindings and addon-classes for the Ruby-F...

86,554 下載

extracter 1.2.21

This fairly small project can be used to extract different archive formats such as .tar...

75,509 下載

easycompile 1.0.9

This project is called easycompile. It allows you to compile a given source archive, s...

64,474 下載

pdf_paradise 0.1.75

This gem is called pdf_paradise. It attempts to be a swiss army knife, a wrapper, over...

57,769 下載

chemistry_paradise 1.2.2

Chemistry-related tasks are gathered in this project. The classes in this projec...

49,202 下載

image_paradise 0.4.6

This project, called image_paradise, allows you to manipulate images, primarily by usin...

39,764 下載

wget 1.0.33

This library is called wget.

27,794 下載

backup_paradise 1.2.40

This project can be used for backup-related tasks, although it is primarily adjusted to...

27,375 下載

class_docu_shower 1.0.21

This library is called class_docu_shower. It will display the header of a .rb file in ...

24,545 下載

autostart 1.0.21

This tiny project just tries to create some autostart-related files. I dont think i...

20,121 下載

case_parser 1.0.17

This library is called case_parser. It will try to parse a case/when menu from a g...

19,574 下載

symlink 0.0.27

This library is called symlink. It can be used to symlink files or directories, from ...

16,695 下載

stat_file 1.0.18

This library is called stat_file. It allows you to do basic stat functionality, lik...

15,886 下載

find_line_in_file 1.0.18

This small class simply gives you the first line found if you need to search a file...

13,986 下載

totarxz 0.0.19

This library is called totarxz. It will create a .tar.xz file from the given input at...

11,841 下載

generate_rc_file 0.0.17

This library is called generate_rc_file.

11,635 下載

show_rdoc_docu 0.0.11

This library is called show_rdoc_docu.

8,998 下載

directory_paradise 1.4.5

This class will display the content of a directory. It can also give back a data-object...

4,140 下載

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Ruby 版本需求: >= 2.5.8

RubyGems 版本需求: >= 3.3.22