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Reverse dependencies for notifier Latest version of the following gems require notifier

test_notifier 2.0.3

Display system notifications (dbus, growl and snarl) after running tests. It works on M...

156,294 下載

version_info 1.9.0

Easy way to get version label, bump the segments (major, minor, patch), and you can inc...

63,657 下載

kitabu 2.1.0

A framework for creating e-books from Markdown using Ruby. Using the Prince PDF generat...

34,153 下載

githubwatcher 0.1.1

Github Growl Watcher, watch any project and receive growl notification for updates, new...

27,454 下載

bookmaker 0.6.0

Bookmaker provides authors a free, ruby-based production toolchain for self-published p...

22,436 下載

talks 0.4.1

This gem can be used for wraping command-lines with `talks` command or for adding hooks...

19,708 下載

latex_curriculum_vitae 2.1.6

latex_curriculum_vitae is a Rubygem which help you to write your job applications. The ...

17,296 下載

verku 0.16.10

Verku provides authors a free, ruby-based production toolchain for self-published paper...

13,861 下載

bookshelf 1.2.4

A framework that generates PDF and e-Pub from Markdown, and HTML files.

12,195 下載

comrade 0.0.5

Comrade is a simple visual timer on top of dzen2. It draws a line on your screen that p...

11,853 下載

publican_creators 1.2.6

publican_creators are a small tool for daily DocBook writers who are using the Redhat p...

8,613 下載

awestructx 0.4.1

Awestruct is a framework for creating static HTML sites.

8,189 下載

url_tracker 1.1

A simple tool for tracking URLs and getting informed when they are changed.

6,138 下載

notify-push 0.2.0

A general purpose popup notifier sender/receiver using WebSockets (via Pusher)

5,900 下載

doro 0.2.4

A minimalist pomodoro cli application

5,753 下載

git-background 0.0.4

execute git command in background

5,613 下載

tacape 0.0.6

A command-line tool that gathers some years of personal crafting.

5,372 下載

riserva 0.1.7

Backup files to cloud drive

4,675 下載

filing-cabinet 0.0.4

Indexes files and stores to s3

4,478 下載

torkify-popup 0.0.1

Show system popup notifications for torkify events

1,980 下載

fuelcli 0.2.1

Fuel Gauge

1,357 下載

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