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credit_card_validator 1.3.2

A gem that provides credit card validation. It is basically a ruby port of the javascri...

1,251,580 下載

described_routes 0.8.3

Features: * Dynamic, framework-neutral, client-friendly <code>ResourceTemplate</code> m...

98,750 下載

maca-fork-csspool 2.0.2

CSSPool is a CSS parser. CSSPool provides a SAC interface for parsing CSS as well as a...

90,229 下載

cartesian 0.6.7

Provides methods for the calculation of the cartesian producted between two or more enu...

75,940 下載

svutil 0.9.12

A simple managed process builder for Ruby projects

71,535 下載

red 4.1.7

Red writes like Ruby and runs like JavaScript.

71,264 下載

newjs 1.7.4

The +newjs+ command creates a new JavaScript project/application with a default directo...

69,108 下載

freshbooks.rb 3.0.25

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

62,609 下載

nfagent 1.0.0

Logging Agent for NetFox Online

57,332 下載

gap 0.0.22

FIX (describe your package)

52,408 下載

autopage 0.0.12

A Rails Plugin to convert long text into multi tab page.

48,332 下載

rubyredrick-ri_cal 0.8.4

A new Ruby implementation of RFC2445 iCalendar. The existing Ruby iCalendar libraries ...

44,680 下載

midas-guilded 0.3.0

Guilded is a framework for building web based components centered around current web st...

43,892 下載

path-to 0.6.0

Model web apps easily and access them via nice app-specific Ruby APIs on the client sid...

40,087 下載

charguess 1.3.20111021164500

This gem builds and installs libcharguess and it's binding libcharguess-ruby * libchar...

38,435 下載

sun_time 0.0.2

Calculate the time of sunrise and sunset for location on a specific date.

35,903 下載


Build and deploy tools for Cocoa apps using Sparkle for distributions and upgrades; it...

35,093 下載

djwrapper 0.0.12

Wrapper gem for Delayed Job.

30,646 下載

trellis 0.1.1

A component based web framework

29,823 下載

jetty-rails 0.8.1

Jetty Rails aims to run Ruby on Rails and Merb applications with the Jetty Container, l...

28,743 下載

mojodna-oauth 0.3.6

OAuth Core Ruby implementation

27,235 下載

most 0.7.7

Most is a simple academic modular open software tester. Most, the Core is the main p...

26,484 下載

ruby-fedora 1.0.5

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

26,116 下載


Daemon Kit aims to simplify creating Ruby daemons by providing a sound application skel...

25,774 下載

sinatra-gen 0.4.2

sinatra-gen generates a common file structure and basic app files for a web app utilizi...

25,342 下載

selenium-grid 0.2.4

Selenium Grid Ruby packages Selenium Grid as a gem

25,215 下載

carlosbrando-remarkable 2.3.1

Remarkable is a framework for Rspec matchers.

24,891 下載


This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

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jmcarbo-imapstore 0.5.2

ruby gem to use an imap server as a file storage device

24,306 下載

tsukasaoishi-miyazakiresistance 0.1.3

MiyazakiResistance is a library like ActiveRecord to use Tokyo Tyrant.

24,067 下載

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