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haml_scaffold 1.1.0

Rails scaffolding with Haml rather than ERB, and various other improvements.

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simplepay 0.2.2

This gem provides a Rails interface to the Amazon Simple Pay payment service.

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tedkulp-freshbooks.rb 3.0.24

FreshBooks.rb is a Ruby interface to the FreshBooks API. It exposes easy-to-use classes...

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tokboxer 0.1.4

This is a ruby implementation of the TokBox API. Tokbox is a free video calling / video...

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wifi_location 0.0.6

Get your location with WiFi Mac Address and GoogleMap.

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continuous4r 0.0.4

Continuous integration tool which regroups in one place tests, quality and analysis too...

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quirkey-gembox 0.2.1

A sinatra based interface for browsing and admiring your gems.

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fix_to_chix 0.0.5

convert existing yaml fixtures to factory_girl factories

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specrun 0.0.5

Specrun is designed as a simple script that will iterate through your rpsec tests, run ...

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integration_wrapper 0.0.6

Helps you test classes that normally use an Internet connection.

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alter-ego 1.0.1

AlterEgo is a Ruby implementation of the State pattern as described by the Gang of Four...

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ismasan-sluggable_finder 2.0.6

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

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ismasan-ar_publish_control 0.0.9

Publish control for ActiveRecord

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ismasan-hash_mapper 0.0.8

Maps values from hashes with different structures and/or key names. Ideal for normalizi...

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numerouno 0.2.0

English natural language parser for numbers. * Parse 'five' to return 5 * Parse 'seven...

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mschuerig-branch_db 0.0.9

Give each git branch its own databases for ActiveRecord.

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mathviz 1.1.0

Turn simple equations (a = b * c) into GraphViz dot files showing relationships, values...

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mschuerig-easy_enums 0.0.7

Simplistic enumerations for ActiveRecord. Consider using enumerate_by, a more mature s...

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miyazakiresistance 0.1.6

MiyazakiResistance is a library like ActiveRecord to use Tokyo Tyrant.

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qadmin 0.2.3

An [almost] one command solution for adding admin interfaces/resources to a Rails app.

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pivotal-selenium-grid 0.2.4

Selenium Grid Ruby packages Selenium Grid as a gem

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ditchdaddy 0.0.4

Bye GoDaddy, hello DNSimple/Namecheap/Gandi. (Will accept patches for other registrars...

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tomkersten-vixploder 0.1.7

A simple 'dotfiles' management tool used to distribute common configuration files acros...

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super_stamper 0.0.5

Easily add a header (such as a copyright notice or license) recursively to multiple fil...

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fabricator 0.0.5

This gem can generate a scaffold flex application based on PureMVC Multicore using the ...

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weather_report 0.0.4

Connect to the BBC Backstage ( weather API and get weather o...

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cgialib 0.0.3

Import the examples in Code Generation In Action

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jashmenn-apriori 0.2.2

Ruby Apriori is a library to efficiently find item association rules within large sets ...

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data_doc 0.2.0

Complex documents can be challenging to author, and time-consuming to achieve high lev...

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easy_imap 0.0.4

A simple interface to proccessing e-mail messages using IMAP, including handling multip...

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