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Reverse dependencies for mongrel 1.1.5

em-http-request 1.1.5

EventMachine based, async HTTP Request client

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celerity 0.9.2

Celerity is a JRuby wrapper around HtmlUnit – a headless Java browser with JavaScript...

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mongrel_cluster 1.0.5

Mongrel plugin that provides commands and Capistrano tasks for managing multiple Mongre...

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frank 1.0.12

Rapidly develop static sites using any supported templating language

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mongrel_service 0.4.0

This plugin offer native win32 services for rails. This replace mongrel_rails_service.

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junebug-wiki 0.0.37

Junebug is a minimalist ruby wiki running on Camping.

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ap4r 0.3.7

Asynchronous Processing for Ruby.

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junebug 0.0.18

Junebug is a minimalist ruby wiki running on Camping.

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operawatir 0.5.1

OperaWatir is a part of the Watir (pronounced water) family of free software Ruby l...

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operawatir 0.5.1

OperaWatir is a part of the Watir (pronounced water) family of free software Ruby l...

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waves 0.9.3

Open-source framework for building Ruby-based Web applications.

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rfeedparser 0.9.951

Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Ruby

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wontomedia 1.0.7

WontoMedia is a Ruby-on-Rails web app for community creation of an information cl...

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conveyor 0.2.3

* Like TiVo for your data * A distributed rewindable multi-queue

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distribustream 0.5.1

DistribuStream is a fully open peercasting system allowing on-demand or live streaming ...

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lackie 0.2.0

Automates remote applications using an HTTP middleman

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ginst 2009.12.8

GINST is the new integration system

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rsel 0.1.2

Rsel provides a Slim fixture for running Selenium tests, with step methods written ...

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distributed_demo 1.0.8

Demo for my talk at the Scottish Ruby Conference: Distributed Systems with Rack.

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vae 0.9.5

Supports local development for Vae Platform (

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magistrate_monitor 0.5.1

Receives checkins from the magistrate gem and sends back commands

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coupler 0.0.9

Coupler is a (JRuby) desktop application designed to link datasets together

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whats-up-adhearsion 0.1.9

Allows you to get information about Adhearsions status via rest calls

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rails-app-installer 0.2.0

An installer for Rails apps

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The mongrel_proctitle Gem

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gom-script 0.2.2

gom-script script simplifies coding of clients and daemon which like to listen on s...

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seesaw 0.2.5

== DESCRIPTION: seesaw: [verb] to change rapidly from one state or condition to anothe...

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uwa 0.7

Widget server for UWA specs by Netvibes (

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mongrel_esi 0.5.4

A small fast ESI HTTP Server built on top of Mongrel

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docter 1.1.3

We has docs

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