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mongoid-rspecの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require mongoid-rspec

mongoid-letsrate 1.0.16

Provides the best solution to add rating functionality to your models using mongoid.

19,085 ダウンロード

thecore_settings 2.0.8

Mongoid / ActiveRecord + RailsAdmin App Settings management

18,930 ダウンロード

meta_mongo 0.7.1

This gem dinamically generates models and vallidations to Mongoid

17,136 ダウンロード

mongoid_touch 0.2.0

A tiny mongoid extension to provide the `touch` method known from ActiveRecord to Mongo...

17,011 ダウンロード

levtera 0.2.6

The core domain concerns for Vehicles (Makes, Versions, Models, Plates).

15,062 ダウンロード

henko 1.1.3

Log your AR model changes into MongoDB

14,221 ダウンロード

trello_effort_tracker 0.0.7

A tool to extract estimates and efforts from Trello

13,233 ダウンロード

red_token_auth 0.5.2

Simple token authentication designed to work with mongoid. This gem simply provides a s...

12,301 ダウンロード

gexp 0.0.4

Gexp - comand hadlers

12,079 ダウンロード

mongoid-clerk 0.0.4

A simple logger for mongoid

11,965 ダウンロード

popolo 0.1.1

A Rails engine for open government websites.

11,912 ダウンロード

mongoid-preferences 0.0.4

Preferences with Mongoid

11,043 ダウンロード

mongoid-rspec-callbacks-dazzl 1.0.2

This gem is meant to be use with mongoid-rpsec, altought it works by itself. Sy...

10,562 ダウンロード

evently 0.0.3

Event logging apparatus for mongoid. Storing events as they occur in the database. Help...

9,934 ダウンロード

mongo-graph 0.0.3

Undirected graph implementation for Mongoid

9,501 ダウンロード

logn-mongoid-enum 1.3.4

Sweet enum sugar for your Mongoid documents

9,263 ダウンロード


Popstar lets you add rules to determine your rails models popularity.

8,998 ダウンロード

mongoid-refile 0.0.5

Allow MongoID to play nicely with refile

8,278 ダウンロード

carbonmu 0.0.3

CarbonMU is a general-purpose, extendable MUD/MUSH server written in Ruby. CarbonMU is ...

7,642 ダウンロード

rspec_extensions_collection 0.0.4

Collection of RSpec extensions incluing helper methods, matchers, and macros that the a...

7,078 ダウンロード

ecconnect_rails 0.0.5

Ecconnect rails gem for easy integration with ECommerceConnect

6,659 ダウンロード

mongoid-graph 0.0.5

Undirected graph implementation for Mongoid

6,597 ダウンロード

delayed_job_recurring_mongoid 1.0.1

Extends delayed_job to support recurring jobs, including timezone support

5,515 ダウンロード

token_action 0.0.2

Redeem tokens to perform actions.

5,366 ダウンロード

maven_logger 0.0.4

MavenLogger for log actions

5,145 ダウンロード

mongoid_cart 0.5

If you need a simple shopping cart handler for monogid project use this one :-)

4,321 ダウンロード

refile-mongoid-5 0.0.1

Allow MongoID to play nicely with refile

4,297 ダウンロード

hippa-enum 0.0.3

Heavily inspired by DDH's ActiveRecord::Enum, this little library is there to help you ...

4,229 ダウンロード

winewoo_core 1.22.10

Description of WinewooCore.

3,808 ダウンロード

rmla 1.0

An elasticsearch wrapper for mongoid odm based on slingshot. Makes integration between ...

3,641 ダウンロード

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