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less-railsの被依存性 5.0.0

twitter-bootstrap-rails 4.0.0

twitter-bootstrap-rails project integrates Bootstrap CSS toolkit for Rails 4, 3.x Asset...

5,910,249 ダウンロード


CSS toolkit from Twitter For Rails 3.1+ Asset Pipeline. Best one of all!

1,376,834 ダウンロード

font-awesome-less 4.7.0

Font-Awesome LESS gem for use in Ruby projects

456,130 ダウンロード


This is a gem for Rails with Semantic UI assets inside.

160,521 ダウンロード

kaui 2.0.2

Rails UI plugin for Killbill administration.

117,835 ダウンロード

burp_cms 1.7.1

A CMS that tries hard to not get in your way!

99,946 ダウンロード


twitter-bootswatch-rails gem integrates TWBS Bootstrap for Rails Asset Pipeline with le...

98,545 ダウンロード

less-rails-fontawesome 0.8.0

Font Awesome, LESS version, with assets pipeline for Rails Asset Pipeline

79,282 ダウンロード

semantic-ui-rails 0.18.0

UI is the vocabulary of the web

52,650 ダウンロード

ecm_pictures 0.0.21

Provides picture galleries for active admin.

45,996 ダウンロード

twbs_less_rails 2.20.0

Provides assets for Bootstrap and FontAwesome in your Rails application.

43,958 ダウンロード

fuelux-rails 2.5.1

fuelux-rails project integrates Fuel UX Bootstrap extensions for Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline

39,729 ダウンロード

rich_table_component 0.0.30

Rich Table Component with advanced search, export file, and generate recapitulation

37,308 ダウンロード

itsf_backend 4.2.3

Painless Rails Admin UI.

35,807 ダウンロード

active_application 0.3.1

Application framework for Rails

32,500 ダウンロード

easy_reports 0.0.27

Rails engine for interactive charts for rails apps.

31,056 ダウンロード

bootstrap_v3 0.1

Bootstrap V3 for Ruby on Rails

29,662 ダウンロード

bootstrapped 2.0.4

Twitters Bootstrap CSS and JS files all in one nice little gem

27,063 ダウンロード


FontAwesome toolkit for twitter-bootswatch-rails gem for Rails Asset Pipeline with less...

22,034 ダウンロード

kube-rails 0.4.0

kube-rails project integrates Kube for Rails 4 Asset Pipeline

21,565 ダウンロード

mno-enterprise-frontend 3.4.0

Angular/Bootstrap frontend for MNOE

19,909 ダウンロード

bootstrap-on-rails 3.3.1

A simpler implementation of bootstrap 3 for Rails. No bloat. Just the assets.

19,109 ダウンロード

gossiper 0.5.2

Eases the creation of email messages as well as user notification systems

18,946 ダウンロード

ecm_cms2 5.1.2

CMS base module for ruby on rails.

17,912 ダウンロード

twitter_bootstrap 2.0.0

Bootstrap CSS toolkit, from Twitter for Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline

17,231 ダウンロード

ecm_cms 1.0.5.pre

CMS Module for active admin.

16,873 ダウンロード

ecm_pictures2 6.0.0

ECM Picture galleries module for ruby on rails.

16,484 ダウンロード

fly_admin 0.0.8

FlyAdmin as a Rails Engine for internal uses

13,467 ダウンロード

ecm_downloads2 5.0.4

Provides downloads for active admin.

12,433 ダウンロード

rails_pitfall 1.0.7

Bundle of components already configured, for an adaptable/all-purpose application.

12,305 ダウンロード

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