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jeweler 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require jeweler

stringex 2.8.5

Some [hopefully] useful extensions to Ruby's String class. Stringex is made up of three...

14,431,073 下载

sidekiq-cron 1.2.0

Enables to set jobs to be run in specified time (using CRON notation)

13,878,537 下载

remotipart 1.4.4

Remotipart is a Ruby on Rails gem enabling remote multipart forms (AJAX style file uplo...

11,062,040 下载

rush 0.6.8

A Ruby replacement for bash+ssh, providing both an interactive shell and a library. Ma...

10,285,914 下载

cocoon 1.2.15

Unobtrusive nested forms handling, using jQuery. Use this and discover cocoon-heaven.

10,202,513 下载

rubyXL 3.4.16

rubyXL is a gem which allows the parsing, creation, and manipulation of Microsoft Excel...

9,181,789 下载

validate_url 1.0.13

Library for validating urls in Rails.

8,926,274 下载

flowdock 0.7.1

Ruby Gem for using Flowdock's API

5,917,062 下载

aes 0.5.1

An AES encrypt/decrypt gem built ontop of OpenSSL. Not as quick as FastAES, but it doe...

5,059,471 下载

devise-i18n 1.9.2

Translations for the devise gem

4,472,823 下载

aws-ses 0.7.1

Client library for Amazon's Simple Email Service's REST API

3,994,440 下载

simple-random 1.0.3

Simple Random Number Generator including Beta, Cauchy, Chi square, Exponential, Gamma, ...

3,852,849 下载

gelf 3.1.0

Library to send GELF messages to Graylog logging server. Supports plain-text, GELF mess...

3,721,632 下载

numbers_and_words 0.11.8

This gem spells out numbers in several languages using the I18n gem.

3,512,462 下载

resque-status 0.5.0

resque-status is an extension to the resque queue system that provides simple trackable...

3,239,574 下载

after_commit_action 1.1.0

Use this module to defer actions to the after-commit hook. This is useful if you want t...

3,220,956 下载

dm-migrations 1.2.0

DataMapper plugin for writing and speccing migrations

3,060,876 下载

sendgrid 1.2.4

This gem allows simple integration between ActionMailer and SendGrid. ...

2,971,275 下载

find_a_port 1.0.1

Use a TCPServer hack to find an open TCP port

2,968,323 下载

dm-do-adapter 1.2.0

DataObjects Adapter for DataMapper

2,942,165 下载

hodel_3000_compliant_logger 0.1.1

Alternate logger for Rails that emits syslog-style output. For use with pl_analyze gem.

2,910,470 下载

seed_dump 3.3.1

Dump (parts) of your database to db/seeds.rb to get a headstart creating a meaningful s...

2,759,902 下载

oink 0.10.1

Log parser to identify actions which significantly increase VM heap size

2,641,298 下载

dm-validations 1.2.0

Library for performing validations on DM models and pure Ruby object

2,203,225 下载

dm-aggregates 1.2.0

DataMapper plugin providing support for aggregates on collections

2,181,060 下载

gitlab-flowdock-git-hook 1.0.1

Git Post-Receive hook for Flowdock. Gem requirements patched for use with Gitlab.

2,160,193 下载

dm-timestamps 1.2.0

DataMapper plugin for magical timestamps

2,158,847 下载

soap4r-ruby1.9 2.0.5

Ruby 1.9.2 compatible soap4r library

2,155,510 下载

dm-constraints 1.2.0

DataMapper plugin constraining relationships

2,005,411 下载

dm-transactions 1.2.0

Makes transaction support available for adapters that support them

1,929,691 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.2.0