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Dependencias inversas para jemoji Latest version of the following gems require jemoji

github-pages 209

Bootstrap the GitHub Pages Jekyll environment locally.

2.479.761 Descargas

alembic-jekyll-theme 4.0.0

A Jekyll boilerplate theme designed to be a starting point for any Jekyll website. Rath...

48.091 Descargas

jekyll-text-theme 2.2.6

A super customizable Jekyll theme for personal site, team site, blog, project, document...

11.087 Descargas

prettydocs-jekyll 0.1.6

PrettyDocs-Jekyll is a free project documentation theme designed for developers & start...

5.668 Descargas

jekyll-theme-woforo 0.2.3

minimal-mistakes optimised for developer blog, RTL enabled

5.111 Descargas

jekyll-theme-minimalism 0.1.13

Minimalism is a jekyll theme for minimalist

5.032 Descargas

meliora 0.2.4

A theme I developed for my own use while listening to Ghost's MELIORA album. Inspired b...

4.656 Descargas

nereare_grimoire 1.13.13

A jekyll quasi-wiki for RPG-oriented worldbuilding.

4.370 Descargas

swedbank-pay-design-guide-jekyll-theme 1.9.1

Swedbank Pay Design Guide theme for Jekyll

4.171 Descargas

jekyll-theme-cs50 1.0.0

This is CS50's theme for Jekyll.

3.601 Descargas

quiet-comic 0.2.6

A simple webcomic Jekyll theme.

3.472 Descargas

lone-wolf-theme 1.1.0

This theme is for jekyll static site generator. It uses Bootstrap 4 with beautiful ...

3.359 Descargas

lucid-jekyll-theme 0.1.3

Lucid is a one page Jekyll theme based on the Freelancer bootstrap theme by Start Boots...

2.113 Descargas


Minor tweaks to Michael Rose's Minimal Mistakes theme.

2.091 Descargas

dark-minima 0.1.1

A dark version of the default theme Minima of Jekyll.

2.028 Descargas

benimal-mistakes-jekyll 0.3.0

A flexible two-column Jekyll theme based on minimal mistakes by Michael Rose.

1.929 Descargas


Ello is a simple animated Jekyll vCard style theme by Randall, optimized for use with G...

1.878 Descargas

jekyll-theme-nangka 0.1.1

Simple jekyll theme nangka

1.831 Descargas

jekyll-theme-conscious-sedation 0.0.5

An effectual and sparse Jekyll theme.

1.773 Descargas

jekyll-mentioji 0.2.0

Improve build times for sites using both 'jekyll-mentions and 'jemoji' plugins

1.755 Descargas

portfolyou-jekyll-theme 2.2.2

A beautiful portfolio Jekyll theme.

1.405 Descargas

jekyll-theme-meliora 0.1.1

A theme I developed for my own use while listening to Ghost's MELIORA album. Inspired b...

1.379 Descargas

jekyll-theme-chalk 0.1.1

Chalk is a high quality, completely customizable, performant and 100% free blog templat...

1.043 Descargas

freelancer-theme-jekyll 1.0.0

Freelancer is a one page Bootstrap portfolio theme for freelancers.

789 Descargas

respectre-jekyll-theme 0.1.0

testing jekyll theme creation.

745 Descargas

jekyll-theme-clean-portfolio 1.0.1

A clean jekyll theme for your Blog and Portfolio website

636 Descargas

particular-theme-jekyll 0.1

Particular is a cheerful, responsive Bootstrap theme for hosting personal resumés.

444 Descargas

casjaysdev-jekyll-theme 0.1.4

CasjaysDev jekyll theme

204 Descargas

Total de descargas 2.408.278

Para esta versión 85.053

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