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Reverse dependencies for jekyll-sitemap 1.4.0

jekyll-redirect-from 0.16.0

Seamlessly specify multiple redirection URLs for your pages and posts

2,738,253 下載

github-pages 206

Bootstrap the GitHub Pages Jekyll environment locally.

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This is a Bootstrap 3 Jekyll Theme built for Linaro Static Websites

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linaro-jekyll-theme 1.3

This is the default Linaro Jekyll Theme used on Linaro Static sites.

118,575 下載

minimal-mistakes-jekyll 4.19.2

A flexible two-column Jekyll theme.

115,008 下載

alembic-jekyll-theme 3.1.0

A Jekyll boilerplate theme designed to be a starting point for any Jekyll website. Rath...

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jekyll-theme-glueckkanja 1.2.15

GK Jekyll Theme

27,228 下載

devlopr 0.4.5

A Jekyll Theme built for developers

22,957 下載

jekyll-theme-mehdix-rtl 4.0.1

A right-to-left theme for Jekyll with Jalali support and some other goodies.

21,359 下載

jekyll-whiteglass 1.9.1

Minimal, responsive Jekyll theme for hackers.

18,732 下載

bulma-clean-theme 0.8

Clean and simple Jekyll theme built using Bulma

18,541 下載

jekyll-lenciel-theme 1.0.10

Jekyll theme made by lenciel with <3

13,598 下載

jekyll-theme-jsblog 1.1.6

Minimal, responsive Jekyll theme for my blog.

13,108 下載

okf-pub-theme 0.2.23

A Jekyll theme for OKF DE publications

12,924 下載

jekyll-theme-basically-basic 1.4.4

Your new Jekyll default theme.

10,109 下載

typographical 1.1.22

A typography-focused theme based on Tale by Chester How.

9,504 下載

minimal-jekyll-theme 0.2.1

A minimal Jekyll theme that converts.

9,266 下載

jekyll-text-theme 2.2.6

A super customizable Jekyll theme for personal site, team site, blog, project, document...

9,134 下載

simplicity 0.0.21

simplicity: simple theme built by bulma.css

8,759 下載

jekyll-theme-so-simple 3.2.0

A simple Jekyll theme for words and pictures.

7,215 下載

don-pages 0.0.10

For standardised CI build.

6,103 下載

simport 1.7.0

A simple portfolio and blog theme for jekyll.

5,758 下載

jekyll-sleek 0.1.9

Sleek is a modern Jekyll theme focused on speed performance & SEO best practices.

5,193 下載

minima-rock 0.11.0

A beautiful, minimal and rocky theme for Jekyll.

5,177 下載

writers-zone 0.2.1

Gem Theme for Jekyll based on the official theme minima with some plugins installed.

5,073 下載

prettydocs-jekyll 0.1.6

PrettyDocs-Jekyll is a free project documentation theme designed for developers & start...

4,995 下載

kiko-minus 1.0.5

A minimalistic, lightweight Jekyll theme based on Kiko Plus

4,827 下載

jekyll-simple-template 0.2.3

A very simple and minimal but fully functional template

4,798 下載

jekyll-theme-omega 0.2.7

The HMFAYSAL OMEGA Jekyll theme

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jekyll-theme-woforo 0.2.3

minimal-mistakes optimised for developer blog, RTL enabled

4,670 下載

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