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irbの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require irb

jekyll-google-tag-manager 1.0.3

A Jekyll plugin to add Google Tag Manager snippets to your site.

32,592 ダウンロード

cute_print 1.4.0

cute_print writes debug output to stderr. Optionally prints the source filename and li...

32,550 ダウンロード

bingwallpaper 0.6.5

This script downloads the "Image of the Day" and then uses Feh or Gnome to set your des...

30,695 ダウンロード

kuroneko 1.1.0


30,192 ダウンロード

sys-proctree 0.0.11

Discovers and kills process trees via analysing running process lists

29,212 ダウンロード

nomade 0.1.7

Gem that deploys nomad jobs

25,467 ダウンロード

riser 0.2.0

Riser is a library of Ruby Infrastructure for cooperative multi-thread/multi-process SE...

23,708 ダウンロード

raketeer 0.2.13

Extra Ruby Rake Tasks for bumping the version, GitHub Packages, Nokogiri, IRB, running,...

22,225 ダウンロード

meeseeker 2.0.0

If you have multiple applications that need to perform actions as operations occur, `me...

21,112 ダウンロード

billomat 1.1.0

Wrapper for the Billomat API

21,086 ダウンロード

steem_api 1.1.6

Rails compatible gem that provides full DB connection and models to

18,586 ダウンロード

mgmg 1.8.2

Calculate specs of equipments of Megurimeguru, a game produced by Kou.

17,933 ダウンロード

deribit-api 2.0.2

Idiomatic Ruby library for Deribit API 2.0

17,027 ダウンロード

rims 0.3.1

RIMS is Ruby IMap Server. This gem provides a complete IMAP server by itself. The ...

15,989 ダウンロード

foreign_key_checker 0.5.1

Run task to obtain problems with your database

15,686 ダウンロード

rail-locator-api 1.0.17

RailLocator API

15,549 ダウンロード

steem-ruby 0.9.8

Client for accessing the Steem blockchain.

14,076 ダウンロード


A Ruby-based command shell

13,381 ダウンロード

htslib 0.2.6

HTSlib bindings for Ruby

12,934 ダウンロード

raketary 0.2.4

CLI app for commonly-used Rake tasks.

12,797 ダウンロード

peatio-nexbit 2.2.2

Peatio-nexbit gem make nexbit easy to integrate in peatio platform

12,714 ダウンロード

irb-power_assert 0.1.1

power_assert in irb

12,537 ダウンロード

berkeley_library-logging 0.2.7

A gem providing shared logging code for UC Berkeley Library gems and Rails applications

11,199 ダウンロード

dexc 0.1.0

Automatically start the REPL and show trace on an exception to debug.

10,915 ダウンロード

hive-ruby 1.0.5

Client for accessing the Hive blockchain.

10,649 ダウンロード

jekyll-latex-block 0.13.2

Renders LaTeX formulas to your site via KaTeX

10,582 ダウンロード

rims-rfc822 0.2.4

Fast parser for a RFC822 formatted message. This gem is a component of RIMS (Ruby I...

9,837 ダウンロード

rspec-openhab-scripting 1.1.1

Library testing OpenHAB ruby rules with rspec.

9,647 ダウンロード

peatio-goldcash 2.6.8

Peatio Blockchain Plugin for Rubykube

9,010 ダウンロード


Peatio Thought Blockchain Plugin for Rubykube

8,198 ダウンロード

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Ruby, BSD-2-Clause

必要Rubyバージョン: >= 2.6