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Reverse dependencies for html2haml Latest version of the following gems require html2haml

haml-rails 2.0.1

Haml-rails provides Haml generators for Rails 4. It also enables Haml as the templating...

26,283,445 下載

hamlit-rails 0.2.3

hamlit-rails provides generators for Rails 4.

1,275,576 下載

erb2haml 0.1.5

erb2haml gives Rails simple rake tasks to convert all ERB view templates to Haml.

685,478 下載

polyblock 1.2.6

Polymorphic content blocks made simple.

119,587 下載

hamlboard 0.0.6

Just a quick way to convert html to haml and put it in your clipboard.

13,254 下載

theme_bandit 0.0.9

Convert any site to a simple rack app

11,604 下載

docks_app 0.0.3

A pattern library generator for front-end projects.

4,781 下載

missing_text 1.0.2

MissingText is a rails engine for detecting missing translations from your locale files...

4,678 下載

card-mod-monkey 0.13.2

dev support for mod developers (monkeys)

4,582 下載

pineapples 0.3.345

Rails app generator based on Suspenders by Thoughtbot and Raygun by Carbon Five modifie...

4,090 下載

erb4slim 0.0.2

Converts single or multiple template files from ERB to Slim

3,620 下載

docks_theme_base 1.0.3

An base theme for Docks.

3,452 下載

docks_theme_api 1.0.3

A theme for Docks geared towards documenting complex CSS and JavaScript components.

3,447 下載

rails_angularui_bootstrap 0.1.1

Automatically include default templates in angularui bootstrap

2,427 下載

myhtml2haml 1.0.0

An html2haml wrapper for converting html templates to haml templates

1,705 下載

slim2haml 0.0.1

onvert slim files to haml files

893 下載

總下載次數 19,613,770

這個版本 14,188,938

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