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Reverse dependencies for html-pipeline Latest version of the following gems require html-pipeline

nox 0.1.1

Handy utilities for coding

3,633 下載

markdown2html 0.1.2

Convert markdown files and wikis to html.

3,517 下載

html-pipeline-abbr 0.2.0

abbr tags are part of the html spec. They are currently not p...

3,346 下載

jekyll-commit-mentions 0.1.3

Github commit sha mention support for your jekyll site

3,341 下載

html-pipeline-external_link 0.1.0

External link filter for html-pipeline.

3,308 下載

link-rewriter-filter 1.0.0

A filter to rewrite links so that files can be viewable on GitHub and a static server

3,175 下載

html-pipeline-flickr 0.1.1

A html-pipeline filter that converts flickr url into a linkable image

2,991 下載

gollum-export 0.0.1

This gem includes the `gollum-export` command that allows converting local markdown fil...

2,981 下載

korgi 0.2.3

Extends the Markdown syntax to allow quick generation of links to Rails resources.

2,923 下載

html-pipeline-cite 0.0.1

An HTML::Pipeline filter for WikiMedia-style Cite references.

2,824 下載

sitefs 1.0.0.beta5

A simple static site generator

2,695 下載

html-pipeline-ruby_markup 0.9.2

A HTML::Pipeline filter to write ruby markup elements.

2,663 下載

html-pipeline-auto-correct 0.1.0

AutoCorrect for html-pipeline

2,412 下載

html-pipeline-bootstrap 0.1.0

bootstrap for html-pipeline

2,387 下載

html-pipeline-trix-video 0.0.2

An HTML::Pipeline filter converting Trix-compliant YouTube or Vimeo preview figures int...

2,332 下載

markdown_to_word 0.1.5

Converts GitHub-flavored Markdown to a Word document

2,082 下載

html-pipeline-highlight 0.2.0

Highlight filter for html-pipeline.

1,401 下載

writeup 1.1.0

Generic components from jeromegn/DocumentUp for generating static HTML documentation fr...

1,286 下載

threddedDANIEL 0.14.5

The best Rails 4.2+ forums engine ever. Its goal is to be as simple and feature rich as...

892 下載

html-pipeline-image_link 0.1.0

Image filter for html-pipeline.

695 下載

jay_flavored_markdown 0.1.0

JayFlavoredMarkdown Converter

235 下載

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