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hexflex 1.0.0

# Hexflex [![Build Status](]( Hexflex is a Ruby gem and command-line tool for automatically generating [hexaflexagon] templates. ## Installation gem install 'hexaflexa' ...or you can put it in your Gemfile. ## Usage ### as a gem in your ruby project To create an [RVG] object containing a vector of the hexaflexagon template: Hexflex.make_template_vector(side_fills: ARRAY_OF_SIDE_FILLS, template: TEMPLATE) To save the hexaflexagon template as a file to the disk: Hexflex.create_template_image!(side_fills: ARRAY_OF_SIDE_FILLS, template: TEMPLATE, output_file_name: OUTPUT) Where: - a `SIDE_FILL` is a [standard X color] or path to file for a side of the hexaflexagon. Either three or zero sides should be specified. The default are cyan, magenta, and yellow. - `TEMPLATE` is template the form for the hexaflexagon. It can either be "tape" or "glue". The default is "tape". - `OUTPUT` is a path to save the hexaflexagon template image. The default is "out.png". ### as a command-line tool hexflex [-s SIDE_FILL -s SIDE_FILL -s SIDE_FILL] [-t TEMPLATE] [-o OUTPUT] See above for definitions of `SIDE_FILL`, `TEMPLATE`, AND `OUTPUT`. [hexaflexagon]: [standard X color]: [RVG]:


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  • bundler ~> 1.7
  • pry-byebug ~> 3.1
  • rake ~> 10.4
  • rspec ~> 3.3
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