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Dependencias inversas para hashr Latest version of the following gems require hashr

tire 0.6.2

Tire is a Ruby client for the Elasticsearch search engine/database. It provides Rub...

1.703.993 Descargas

hashugar 1.0.1

Nested OpenStruct optimized for short-lived objects.

272.089 Descargas

vx-builder 0.6.14

Write a gem description

198.884 Descargas

gollum_rails 3.0.0

include Gollum into Rails with ease

104.378 Descargas

handy 0.0.32

handy tool

95.789 Descargas

travis-config 1.1.3

Travis CI config.

91.432 Descargas

excellent 2.1.1

Excellent finds the nasty lines in your code. It implements a comprehensive set of chec...

89.899 Descargas

instapusher 0.1.9

instapusher makes it easy to push code to heroku

81.257 Descargas

nimbleshop_core 0.0.23

Provides core e-commerce support to nimbleShop

55.140 Descargas

adva-static 0.0.14

Static engine for adva-cms2.

54.613 Descargas

redis-model-extension 0.4.2

It provides functions as find, find_by_alias, get, exists?, validate, save etc.

44.247 Descargas

redis-persistence 0.1.0

Simple ActiveModel-compatible persistence layer in Redis

41.162 Descargas

crashlog 1.0.7

CrashLog Exception reporter

40.297 Descargas

shuttle-deploy 0.4.0

Minimalistic deployment tool for small and one-server applications

35.713 Descargas

evrone-ci-worker 0.2.0.pre28

ci worker

34.409 Descargas

evrone-ci-router 0.2.0.pre28

ci router

34.361 Descargas

theme 0.3.1


23.070 Descargas

ascii_invoicer 2.5.19

A commandline project management tool. It manages future and past projects, can creat...

22.272 Descargas

magnum-payload 0.6.0

Parse code pushes from multiple code hosting platforms

20.952 Descargas

csdn-tire 0.7.2

Tire is a Ruby client for the CSDNSearch search engine/database.

18.882 Descargas

vx-worker 0.2.1

ci worker

18.828 Descargas

instapusher2 0.0.8

instapusher makes it easy to push code to heroku

14.141 Descargas

vx-router 0.2.0.pre38

ci router

14.009 Descargas

pendaxes 0.2.1

Throw axes to pending makers!

13.532 Descargas

luigi 1.1.6

A project manager that keeps track of a working directory, archive and template files. ...

12.262 Descargas

check 0.2.1

Redis backed service for monitoring metric data streams against pre-defined thresholds

10.980 Descargas

push2heroku 0.0.4

push2heroku makes it easy to push code to heroku

9.489 Descargas

trawler 0.0.5

Scrapes the web

9.043 Descargas

sendxmpp 0.1.0

Send messages from the console to a XMPP server

8.553 Descargas

apple_push 0.1.2

Sinatra-based server to deliver Apple Push Notifications

7.833 Descargas

Total de descargas 2.976.650

Para esta versión 166.312

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