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Dependencias inversas para has_scope Latest version of the following gems require has_scope

inherited_resources 1.13.0

Inherited Resources speeds up development by making your controllers inherit all restfu...

18.693.377 Descargas

activeadmin-ajax_filter 0.5.0

Allows to define form inputs and filters by relation for ActiveAdmin resource pages usi...

137.805 Descargas

ab_admin 0.9.0

Simple and real-life tested Rails::Engine admin interface

128.081 Descargas

sbdevcore 0.3.10


92.534 Descargas

a_la_chart 0.1.10

A framework for managing various types of charting implementations.

92.205 Descargas


Description of EspAuth.

61.389 Descargas

esp-permissions 0.1.0

Description of EspPermissions.

48.395 Descargas

active_application 0.3.1

Application framework for Rails

34.288 Descargas

has_accounts_engine 2.0.1

HasAccountsEngine is a full featured Rails 3 gem accompanying has_accounts with control...

33.091 Descargas

dbhero 1.1.12

Based on heroku dataclips feature, SQL -> Dataset

32.599 Descargas

voluntary 0.7.1

#Crowdsourcing management system for #RubyOnRails:

27.303 Descargas

customize 0.0.8

easy customize your domain model, including: characterize; inherit; formula

20.571 Descargas

atreides 2.0.5

Atreides is an engine providing a evented CMS following a KISS principle

17.138 Descargas


Inherited Resources speeds up development by making your controllers inherit all restfu...

14.724 Descargas

catarse_full 0.1.0

Gem packaging of Catarse, a crowdfunding application.

12.573 Descargas

unknown_admin 0.1.5

UnknownAdmin makes it easy to create a zero-configuratin admin-tool for your models, bu...

11.659 Descargas

zobi 5.0.0

Keep your rails controllers DRY while using devise, has_scope, kaminari, pundit and draper

11.507 Descargas

mongosteen 0.2.0

Mongosteen is a library that helps to easily add RESTful actions to mongoid models with...

9.726 Descargas

aepic 0.0.4

Build your epic APIs same time you are building your website. Docs included

8.840 Descargas

trax_controller 0.1.3

Resourceful, standardized controllers

8.407 Descargas

vision 0.0.2

Vision is a Rails Way dashboard, built as a simple alternative to ActiveAdmin.

7.237 Descargas

openapi-rails 0.4.0

CRUD interface for Rails models with OpenAPI (Swagger) specification support and Swagge...

6.887 Descargas

rice_cooker 0.1.8

Handle sort, filters, searches, and ranges on Rails collections.

6.584 Descargas

alter_admin 0.0.7

Simple admin panel generator with inherited resources, has_scope, datatables for Rails 4

5.380 Descargas

dune-api 1.1.0

This is the implementation of Dune API from neighborly api

4.631 Descargas

zencms 0.0.2

ZENCMS as rails engine

3.760 Descargas

porthos 3.0.0.beta2

A CMS engine for Ruby On Rails projects using mongodb. Featuring customizable page type...

3.654 Descargas

benmanns-atreides 2.0.4

Atreides is an engine providing a evented CMS following a KISS principle

3.337 Descargas

bsm_oa 0.4.0

Opinionated toolbox for building centralised authorities

2.813 Descargas

has_scope_matchers 0.1.0

Rspec matchers for the has_scope gem

1.993 Descargas

Total de descargas 21.851.496

Para esta versión 421.109

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