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Dependencias inversas para guard Latest version of the following gems require guard

guard-rails 0.8.1

Restart Rails when things change in your app

2.738.284 Descargas

guard-spork 2.1.0

Guard::Spork automatically manage Spork DRb servers.

2.665.372 Descargas

gollum-lib 5.1.3

A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.

2.517.801 Descargas

gollum-lib 5.1.3

A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.

2.517.801 Descargas

activeadmin_addons 1.8.3

Set of addons to help with the activeadmin ui

2.469.357 Descargas

haml_coffee_assets 1.20.0

Compile Haml CoffeeScript templates in the Rails asset pipeline.

2.303.320 Descargas

gitlab-omniauth-openid-connect 0.8.0

OpenID Connect Strategy for OmniAuth.

2.207.992 Descargas

guard-shell 0.7.2

Guard::Shell automatically runs shell commands when watched files are modified.

2.200.118 Descargas

rails-jquery-autocomplete 1.0.5

Use jQuery's autocomplete plugin with Rails 4+.

2.193.578 Descargas

danger-junit 1.0.2

Get automatic inline test reporting for JUnit-conforming XML files.

2.043.315 Descargas

ims-lti 2.3.1

Ruby library for creating IMS LTI tool providers and consumers

2.031.132 Descargas

puffing-billy 2.4.1

A stubbing proxy server for ruby. Connect it to your browser in integration tests to fa...

2.012.903 Descargas

contentful 2.16.1

Ruby client for the Content Delivery API

2.004.966 Descargas

romaji 0.2.4

Yet another Romaji-Kana transliterator

1.908.071 Descargas


CSS toolkit from Twitter For Rails 3.1+ Asset Pipeline. Best one of all!

1.727.685 Descargas

danger-xcode_summary 1.0.1

Show formatted xcodebuild output in your PRs.

1.726.246 Descargas

danger-android_lint 0.0.9

A Danger plugin for Android Lint

1.685.030 Descargas

slack-api 1.6.1

A Ruby wrapper for the Slack API

1.528.001 Descargas

symbolize 4.5.2

ActiveRecord/Mongoid enums with i18n

1.453.608 Descargas

danger-todoist 2.0.1

A danger plugin for spotting introduced todos.

1.432.646 Descargas

rails3-jquery-autocomplete 1.0.15

Use jQuery's autocomplete plugin with Rails 3.

1.327.653 Descargas

gravatar_image_tag 1.2.0

A configurable and documented Rails view helper for adding gravatars into your Rails ap...

1.315.099 Descargas

guard-rake 1.0.0

guard-rake automatically runs Rake tasks from your Rakefile

1.275.302 Descargas

guard-spring 1.1.1

Guard::Spring automatically manages spring process.

1.266.331 Descargas

keen 1.1.1

Send events and build analytics features into your Ruby applications.

1.205.790 Descargas

danger-checkstyle_format 0.1.1

Danger plugin for checkstyle formatted xml file.

1.138.797 Descargas

guard-jasmine 3.1.0

Guard::Jasmine automatically tests your Jasmine specs on PhantomJS

1.114.260 Descargas

contentful-management 3.3.0

Ruby client for the Content Management API

1.084.627 Descargas

logster 2.9.7

UI for viewing logs in Rack

956.790 Descargas

danger-rubocop 0.9.5

A Danger plugin for running Ruby files through Rubocop.

943.668 Descargas

Total de descargas 56.879.025

Para esta versión 601.265

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