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Reverse dependencies for grit Latest version of the following gems require grit

kit_cms 2.3.22

Kit is DSC's Community and Content Management System (CCMS) built as a Rails engine for...

40,926 下載

watch_tower 0.0.3

WatchTower helps you track how much time you spend on all of your projects.

37,818 下載

dokku_client 1.4

Dokku Client for rails project with preinstalled dokku plugins

36,143 下載

semantic-crawler 0.7.1

SemanticCrawler is a ruby library that encapsulates data gathering from different sourc...

35,811 下載

whisk 0.3.1

A simple Chef cookbook dependency manager

34,177 下載

codefumes_harvester 0.1.8

CodeFumesHarvester provides a set of high-level tools for gathering history and common ...

32,891 下載

wonki 0.0.10

a Rack and Git based wiki like thing

32,219 下載

ghoul 0.2.2

Ghoul is a simple yet good looking interface for your git repositories written in sinat...

30,746 下載

gitme_time 0.1.2

Utility to simplify your time-logging on Basecamp

29,940 下載

rails_info 0.1.1

Engine for a rails application which extends /rails/info about some information resourc...

29,867 下載

grit-ext 0.0.11

Collection of extensions for grit

29,381 下載

gitmodel 0.0.8

GitModel persists Ruby objects using Git as a data storage engine. It's an ActiveModel ...

28,994 下載

ios-box 0.2.4

Include atuomatic vesion conrol for you XCode projects.

28,957 下載

pagoda-jekyll 0.0.11

Admin interface for Jekyll that makes you comfortable writing

28,681 下載

hull 0.1.2

Code Review helper using GitHub's Pull Requests

28,660 下載

trinidad_sandbox_extension 1.0.2

Sandox console for Trinidad. It allows to manage the applications deployed on Trinidad.

28,518 下載

gx 1.3.3

Gx is 3 git related tools: gx-update, gx-publish, and gx-pull-check gx-update is a rep...

27,785 下載

git-cleanup 0.2.3

A simple interactive command line tool to help you cleanup your git branch detritus

27,138 下載

flowdock-git-hook 1.0.1

Git Post-Receive hook for Flowdock

26,707 下載

capistrano-campout 1.1.3

Capistrano::Campout is a gem extension to capistrano to post/speak messages and paste l...

26,375 下載

babygitter 1.1.5

A git repository analyzer

24,045 下載

flux 0.0.8

Command line workflow manager.

23,932 下載

gitscrub 0.0.8

An interactive way to learn git.

23,419 下載

gollum-bibanon 1.4.4

A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend, modded for the Biblioth...

23,105 下載

nod 0.0.8

Gem reports on gemfile licenses

22,580 下載

giteaucrat 0.1.0

Automatically update copyright messages using git

22,346 下載


Klipp, Xcode templates for the rest of us.

21,947 下載

ohajiki 0.0.9

minimum dropbox clone

21,229 下載

gazelle_styleguide 0.0.8

Gazelle's coding style guidelines and checks

20,645 下載

candle 0.0.7

Wax iOS Starter Project Generate Tools build with Ruby

19,743 下載

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