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Dependencias inversas para grit Latest version of the following gems require grit

pry-git 0.2.3

A Ruby-aware git layer

648.525 Descargas

ymdp 1.4.7

Framework for developing applications in the Yahoo! Mail Development Platform.

280.650 Descargas

git-up 0.5.12

git command to fetch and rebase all branches

278.215 Descargas


Expand the 'vagrant box' command to support the creation of base boxes from scratch

225.790 Descargas

blazing 0.5.0

painless git push deployments for everyone

199.762 Descargas

build-tool 0.6.9

The tool helps ...

155.011 Descargas

githug 0.5.0

An interactive way to learn git.

141.448 Descargas

gitdocs 0.6.2

Open-source Dropbox using Ruby and Git.

123.881 Descargas


Appjam is iOS code repository, including framework, snippet, generators, etc.

114.554 Descargas


Appjam is iOS code repository, including framework, snippet, generators, etc.

114.554 Descargas

RTFMd 0.10301.17

A simple, Markdown documentation helper with ronn, gollum, and offline-generation support

110.093 Descargas

about_page 0.3.1

Description of AboutPage.

107.649 Descargas

codesake-dawn 1.2.99

Codesake::Dawn is a security source code scanner for ruby powered code. Starting from J...

100.384 Descargas

dtk-node-agent 0.12.2

The DTK Node Agent runs on your nodes that you wish to manage using your DTK Server. I...

84.216 Descargas

activerdf_net7 1.7.2

Offers object-oriented access to RDF (with adapters to several datastores). Version of ...

82.044 Descargas

deployments 0.1.11

Library for pushing details(commits, tag, username, env) about the current app

75.114 Descargas

cuken 0.1.22

Reusable Cucumber steps and API for post-convergence system integration descriptions

70.197 Descargas

gitmine 0.2.1

Git log with status of associated redmine tickets

69.461 Descargas

gitolite 1.1.0

This gem is designed to provide a Ruby interface to the gitolite git backend system. T...

69.435 Descargas

bananajour 2.6.9

Local git repository hosting with a sexy web interface and bonjour discovery. It's like...

64.639 Descargas


A hierarchical datastore based on Git.

63.727 Descargas

codefumes 0.4.1

[]( is a service intended to help people who are inte...

63.455 Descargas

pivo_flow 0.8

Automated querying for pivotal stories, adding story id to commit message, etc.

57.312 Descargas

grit_ext 0.8.1

the grit's utf-8 support

56.266 Descargas

heroku-bartender 0.5.0

Ruby gem to handle releases in heroku.

48.666 Descargas

amiba 1.0.2

Description TBD

48.362 Descargas

leandocument 0.1.5

Ruby command and Web viewer for LeanDocument.

44.540 Descargas

gem_bootstrap 0.3.2

Bootstrap the creation of ruby gem so that you don't have to start from scratch. ...

43.032 Descargas

git_pivotal_tracker 0.2.1

provides a set of git workflow tools to start and finish Pivotal Tracker stories in top...

41.923 Descargas

allen 0.3.4

Quickly build and manage Umbraco projects

41.419 Descargas

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