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Reverse dependencies for globalid Latest version of the following gems require globalid

activejob 7.0.1

Declare job classes that can be run by a variety of queuing backends.

253,869,187 下載

actiontext 7.0.1

Edit and display rich text in Rails applications.

56,836,054 下載

gitlab-triage 1.20.0

GitLab triage automation project.

1,966,718 下載

anycable-rails 1.2.0

Rails adapter for AnyCable

949,441 下載

blacklight 7.22.2

Blacklight is an open source Solr user interface discovery platform. You can use Bl...

860,220 下載

paper_trail-globalid 0.2.0

An extension to paper_trail, using this you can fetch actual object who was responsible...

772,548 下載

devise_masquerade 1.3.9

devise masquerade library

746,926 下載

fixtury 0.4.1

Treat fixtures like factories and factories like fixtures

656,930 下載

taskinator 0.4.4

Simple process orchestration

75,814 下載

simple_auth 3.1.3

A simple authentication system for Rails apps

72,382 下載

superstore 2.5.0

ActiveModel-based JSONB document store

49,447 下載

filemaker 1.0.1

Provides ActiveModel-like object to read and write.

38,917 下載

booking_locations 0.24.0

Pension Guidance Booking Locations API adapter

36,875 下載

ensurance 0.1.25

A handy shortcut for user = user.is_a?(User) ? user : User.find(user)

27,746 下載

sidekiq-global_id 0.2.0

Provides Sidekiq middleware to serialize ActiveRecord objects with GlobalId

19,574 下載

devise-async-activejob 0.0.3

An ActiveJob backend for devise-async.

13,346 下載

sportweb 0.3.3

sportweb - instant open sports web admin browser command line tool

13,222 下載

bg 0.0.5

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

10,763 下載

activejob-locks 0.0.4

Activejob Locks is an ActiveJob addon that will lock workers based on queue or work pay...

9,361 下載

activehistory 5.1.0

ActiveHistory tracks and logs changes to your ActiveRecord models and relationships for...

7,948 下載

pluck_global_id 0.0.1

Get GlobalIDs from an ActiveRecord scope without instantiating AR objects

6,524 下載

graphql-analyzer 0.1.4

An analysis tool for graphql-ruby schemas.

3,920 下載

queue_manager 2.0.0

Queue manager for Rails application. Based on Redis (Sorted Set)

3,576 下載

nano-service 0.0.1

A thin module wrapper for helping enforce service boundaries

1,651 下載

downstream 1.3.0

Straightforward way to implement communication between Rails Engines using the Publish-...

1,533 下載

ros_sdk 0.1.0

Authenticate and connect to remote services via REST

912 下載

cnfs_sdk 0.0.1.alpha

Authenticate and connect to remote services via REST

825 下載

總下載次數 233,003,575

這個版本 3,315,175

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