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github_api 的反向依赖 0.18.2

jeweler 2.3.9

Simple and opinionated helper for creating Rubygem projects on GitHub

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tddium 1.25.5

Solano CI runs your test suite simply and quickly in our managed cloud environment. Yo...

536,661 下载

hydra 11.0.0

Project Hydra Stack Dependencies

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zotplus-rakehelper 0.0.157

ZotPlus rake helper

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sambot 0.1.229

# Sambot Sambot is our internal Platform Engineering toolchain to help standardize and...

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github_cli 0.6.2

CLI-based access to GitHub API v3

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git_reflow 0.9.2

Git Reflow manages your git workflow.

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overlay 2.3.0

Overlay one or more external repositories on a running Rails application

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juwelier 2.4.9

Simple and opinionated helper for creating Rubygem projects on GitHub

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githubissues-port 1.6

An Excel import/export extension for github issues in Ruby.

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gitrob 1.1.2

Reconnaissance tool for GitHub organizations

23,511 下载

repocrawler 0.2.29

Grab the information of repository from the GitHub, RubyGems, The Ruby Toolbox and Stac...

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zetabot 2.0.7

Zeta is a IRC bot written in ruby using the Cinch Framework

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t1k 4.2.3

Use those scripts to create automatically branchs associated with issues and tracked co...

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omg_pull_request 0.5.3

Have tests run automatically for your Github Pull Request

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ahalogy-automation 0.15.1

Scripts that install applications on Ahalogy Mac computers.

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Command Line tool for developing themes in Tray E-commerce

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gisture 0.0.13

Execute one-off gists inline or in the background.

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github_issues_cli 0.3.2

Command line tool for managing issues, pull-requests on GitHub platform

16,819 下载

flux 0.0.8

Command line workflow manager.

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gboom 0.0.8

the fun way to create gists from your command line

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cid 0.3.2

Tools to allow continuous integration when collaborating on data in Github

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netlify 0.2.2

API Client for Netlify

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github_downloads 0.1.3

Library to upload files to GitHub Downloads section of a specific repository

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tddium_status_github 0.2.0

Installs pre- and post-build hooks for Tddium that update GitHub commits with the test ...

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octopush 0.0.9

Upload repos to github from the command line

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gems-license-finder 0.0.9

Poor man's license finder for rubygems, that might work

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ghit 0.2.4

Ghit is a gem that adds more git commands for a better command line Git(hub) experience.

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backup_on_the_go 0.2.3

Backup GitHub repositories to BitBucket

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capistrano-committed 0.0.18

Tells you what Capistrano 3 is going to deploy based on GitHub commits since the last r...

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