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github-markup 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require github-markup

sensu-plugins-mysql 3.2.0

This plugin provides native MySQL instrumentation for mon...

469,631 下载

sensu-plugins-haproxy 2.0.2

This plugin provides native HAProxy instrumentation for m...

456,115 下载

sensu-plugins-dns 3.0.0

This plugin provides native DNS instrumentation for monit...

444,605 下载

sensu-plugins-puppet 3.0.0

This plugin provides native Puppet instrumentation for mo...

436,626 下载

sensu-plugins-consul 3.0.0

This plugin provides native instrumentation for monitoring Consul, including: ...

432,425 下载

sensu-plugins-pagerduty 5.0.0

This plugin provides a Sensu handler for PagerDuty

424,769 下载

sensu-plugins-slack 4.1.0

Sensu plugins for interfacing with Slack chat

417,339 下载

sensu-plugins-nginx 3.1.2

This plugin provides native nginx instrumentation for met...

404,544 下载

sensu-plugins-mailer 4.0.0

Provides mail output for Sensu

391,503 下载

sensu-plugins-graphite 3.1.1

This plugin provides native Graphite instrumentation for ...

388,208 下载

sensu-plugins-hardware 2.0.0

This plugin provides instrumentation for hardware monitor...

311,082 下载

sensu-plugins-java 3.0.0

Sensu plugins for Java

300,931 下载

sensu-plugins-postfix 2.0.0

This plugin provides native Postfix instrumentation for m...

298,660 下载

sensu-plugins-chrony 2.0.0

This plugin provides facilities for monitoring Chrony NTP

289,822 下载

sensu-plugins-memcached 0.1.3

This plugin provides native memcached instrumentation for...

274,120 下载

sensu-plugins-uchiwa 1.0.0

Sensu plugins for uchiwa

254,824 下载

sensu-plugins-cassandra 3.0.2

This plugin provides native Cassandra instrumentation for...

235,826 下载

capistrano_multiconfig_parallel 2.8.1

CapistranoMulticonfigParallel is a simple ruby implementation that allows you to run mu...

233,797 下载

sensu-plugins-entropy-checks 2.0.2

This plugin provides native entropy instrumentation for m...

213,272 下载

sensu-plugins-supervisor 1.1.0

This plugin provides native supervisord instrumentation f...

207,182 下载

sensu-plugins-mongodb 2.1.0

This plugin provides native MongoDB instrumentation for m...

194,763 下载

vandamme 0.0.12

Vandamme is aware of files content, and will be mostly used to parse changelog files an...

185,580 下载

sensu-plugins-systemd 0.2.1

Plugins to provide functionality to check systemd services for Sensu, a monitoring fram...

161,977 下载

sensu-plugins-windows 3.0.0

Sensu plugins for Windows

153,890 下载

sensu-plugins-influxdb 2.0.0

This plugin provides native InfluxDB instrumentation for ...

151,762 下载

washout_builder 2.0.5

WashOut Soap Service HTML-Documentation generator (extends WashOut

147,165 下载

sensu-plugins-zookeeper 3.1.0

Zookeeper plugins for checks and metrics

146,100 下载

blacklight-spotlight 3.1.0

Enable librarians, curators, and others who are responsible for digital collections to ...

138,150 下载

sensu-plugins-raid-checks 3.0.0

This plugin provides native RAID instrumentation for moni...

137,723 下载

sensu-plugins-twemproxy 1.0.1

Sensu plugins for twemproxy

133,542 下载

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