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Reverse dependencies for github-markdown Latest version of the following gems require github-markdown

task_list 1.0.2

GitHub-flavored-Markdown TaskList components

350,139 下載

linkedin-oauth2 1.0.0

Ruby wrapper for the LinkedIn OAuth 2.0 API

270,511 下載

brief 1.17.14

Brief is a library for developing applications whose primary interface is the text editor

170,693 下載

linkedin-v2 0.1.9

Ruby wrapper for the LinkedIn v2 API

108,256 下載

style-guide 1.1.1

A mountable Rails engine where you curate and view your site's visual elements.

68,555 下載

smeagol 0.6.2

Smeagol is a customizable read-only Gollum wiki server. Smeagol makes it possible to ma...

56,954 下載

pages_cms 3.0.0

Pages CMS uses nested forms and draggable items to allow the user to build a site withi...

44,483 下載

johnhenry 1.0.22

Launch a landing page on Heroku in less than 10 minutes with JohnHenry. This gem se...

33,887 下載

github-markdown-preview 5.0.0

Local previews for Github markdown

30,257 下載

mdv 0.6.0

Quickly view markdown files on GNOME

28,966 下載

haveapi 0.14.0

Framework for creating self-describing APIs

28,820 下載

spiffy 0.0.21

A markdown to HTML & PDF converter, with simple ERB & HAML templating and CSS s...

28,566 下載

ghpreview 0.2.0

Command line utility for previewing Markdown files with Github styling

26,511 下載

days 0.2.0

Simple blog system built up with Sinatra.

25,283 下載

gfm-preview 1.0.6

GFM (GitHub Flavored Markdown) Preview Server.

17,443 下載

cookie_alert 0.0.5

Display a visual warning on your site to let visitors know that you use Cookes. Primari...

15,180 下載

gfm_live_preview 0.9.7

Live preview your github flavored markdown file (with syntax highlighting!).

14,573 下載

gfm 0.2.1

Generates an HTML file from a GitHub Flavored Markdown file. Useful for previewing READ...

13,634 下載

nanoc-html-pipeline 0.3.5

An adapter for using html-pipeline as a filter in your nanoc Rules

13,617 下載

blogdown 0.2.0

An offline github wiki viewer

12,784 下載

transaction_logger 1.1.1

A logger that silently collects information in the background...

12,311 下載

html_pipeline_rails 0.1.0

Render Markdown via HTML::Pipeline in Rails.

10,648 下載

magnet-markdown 0.0.5

Magnet specified markdown processor

10,598 下載

reloadlive 1.0.4

Reloadlive is a command line tool to easily preview your github-markup files

10,005 下載

pokapoka 0.0.5

Show .md files

9,760 下載

emmett 0.0.3

Tools to make building API docs simpler.

8,966 下載

jekyll-issue-mentions 0.1.6

#issueid support for your Jekyll site

7,631 下載

swift-playground 0.0.5

A Ruby API and CLI tool for manipulating Xcode Swift Playgrounds. Supports generation f...

7,557 下載

nippocf 0.0.4

Write nippo (daily report in Japanese) on Atlassian Confluence in Markdown

7,460 下載

juici 0.0.0

Minimal CI server with some support for dynamic

5,799 下載

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