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Dependencias inversas para get_process_mem Latest version of the following gems require get_process_mem

unicorn-worker-killer 0.4.5

Kill unicorn workers by memory and request counts

17.739.028 Descargas

puma_worker_killer 0.3.1

Kills pumas, the code kind

12.736.948 Descargas

derailed_benchmarks 2.1.1

Go faster, off the Rails

12.641.121 Descargas

character_set 1.4.1

Build, read, write and compare sets of Unicode codepoints.

8.045.138 Descargas

character_set 1.4.1

Build, read, write and compare sets of Unicode codepoints.

8.045.138 Descargas

gitlab-puma_worker_killer 0.1.1.gitlab.1

Kills pumas, the code kind

3.310.405 Descargas

json-streamer 2.1.0

Utility to support JSON streaming allowing you to get data based on various criteria (k...

911.733 Descargas

cms_scanner 0.13.5

Framework to provide an easy way to implement CMS Scanners

452.134 Descargas

sidekiq-worker-killer 1.0.0

Sidekiq worker killer

358.134 Descargas

foreman-tasks 5.1.0

The goal of this plugin is to unify the way of showing task statuses across the Foreman...

331.664 Descargas

zold 0.29.33

In the last few years digital currencies have successfully demonstrated their ability t...

193.656 Descargas

rest-ftp-daemon 1.1.1

A pretty simple transfer daemon, controlled with a RESTful API

152.554 Descargas

sidekiq_process_killer 0.4.2

SidekiqProcessKiller plugs into Sidekiq's middleware and kills a process if its process...

148.581 Descargas

chore-core 4.1.0

Job processing with pluggable backends and strategies

59.905 Descargas

gitlab-derailed_benchmarks 1.6.1

Go faster, off the Rails

58.505 Descargas

saviour 0.6.9

File storage handler following active record model lifecycle

33.593 Descargas


dHash and IDHash perceptual image hashing/fingerprinting

23.716 Descargas

griffin-interceptors 0.1.11

A collection of interceptors for griffin

18.668 Descargas

pig-ci-rails 1.1.0

A gem for Ruby on Rails that will track key metrics (memory, request time & SQL Request...

15.413 Descargas

simple_apm 1.0.14

xyy: Simple Apm View for rails using redis.

14.781 Descargas

lazylead 0.11.2

Ticketing systems (Github, Jira, etc.) are strongly integrated into our processes and e...

14.540 Descargas

VictoriaFreSh 2021.8.20

Virtual file system.

14.379 Descargas

moro 0.0.13

moro is a simple daemon to monitor process memory usage

13.191 Descargas


Kill any workers by memory and request counts or take custom reaction

8.808 Descargas

puma_auto_tune 0.0.1

Puma performance without all the (T)pain

8.469 Descargas

resque-worker-killer 0.1.1

Automatically kill a child of resque worker based on max memory.

7.096 Descargas

delayed_job_master 2.0.2

A simple delayed_job master process to control multiple workers

6.935 Descargas

noxa-sidekiq-killer 0.1.0

Quiets and kills sidekiq processes when the RSS memory usage is too high.

6.883 Descargas

EXtremeZip 2021.8.24

Extreme zip.

5.801 Descargas

schwad_performance_logger 0.4.1

Track your memory and time performance in console, csv and/or logs.

5.637 Descargas

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