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gemmaの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require gemma

fast_rake 0.2.8

Runs a small number of setup tasks, followed by a bunch of expensive tasks in parallel....

41,259 ダウンロード

relax4 1.2.1

Ruby interface for the RELAX IV code by D.P. Bertsekas and P. Tseng.

29,621 ダウンロード

rack-param_to_cookie 3.1.0

Store selected request parameters to cookies for use in future requests. Useful for aff...

18,050 ダウンロード

omniauth-figshare 0.1.1

An OmniAuth Strategy for the figshare API. You can use it to authenticate users against...

11,499 ダウンロード

finite_mdp 0.4.0

This library provides several ways of describing a finite Markov Decision Process (MDP)...

9,664 ダウンロード

discrete_event 3.0.0

Some simple primitives for event-based discrete event simulation.

8,076 ダウンロード

event_state 0.1.0

A small embedded DSL for implementing stateful protocols in EventMachine using finite s...

6,279 ダウンロード

push_safety 0.0.2

The gem push command makes it incredibly easy to publish your gems... maybe a little to...

5,461 ダウンロード

smart_method_parameters 0.0.3

Advanced hash representation of method parameters and keyword parameters in Ruby 2.0

3,511 ダウンロード

cross_entropy 1.1.0

Includes solvers for continuous and discrete multivariate optimisation problems.

3,138 ダウンロード

compare_compressors 0.0.1

Compare compression algorithms (gzip, bzip2, xz, etc.) for a sample of documents.

1,494 ダウンロード

key_value_name 0.0.1

Store key-value pairs in file names, e.g. parameter names and parameters.

1,454 ダウンロード

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