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Dependencias inversas para fasterer Latest version of the following gems require fasterer

codebreaker_rg_game 1.11


5.748 Descargas

alex_codebreaker 0.2.3

Codebreaker game business logic

5.621 Descargas

lite-command 1.0.10

Ruby Command based framework (aka service objects)

5.496 Descargas

codebreaker_vk 1.0.3

Game for everyone who likes to play.

5.116 Descargas

codebreaker_kolyanjy 0.1.8

gem for codebreaker web app

4.732 Descargas

codebreaker-ga 0.2.14

Write a longer description or delete this line.

4.596 Descargas

lite-uxid 1.0.7

Generate or obfuscate Id's using different patterns

4.543 Descargas

lite-validators 1.0.7

Collection of ActiveModel/ActiveRecord validators

4.343 Descargas

lite-component 1.0.11

Generate component from collections of data points

4.169 Descargas

data_crate 0.1.8


4.026 Descargas

lite-query 1.0.8

Ruby Query based framework (aka query objects)

3.921 Descargas

shark-on-lambda 1.0.1

`shark-on-lambda` does the heavy lifting for writing web services based on AWS API Gate...

3.858 Descargas

lite-archive 1.0.6

Archive (soft-delete) ActiveRecord database records

3.698 Descargas

querylicious 0.5.0

An opinionated search query parser

3.582 Descargas

trumail 2.1.0

Trumail Ruby SDK for interacting with the Trumail API.

3.544 Descargas

lite-statistics 1.0.5

Generate statistics from collections of data points

3.507 Descargas

guard-fasterer 0.1.0

Guard gem for fasterer - automatically runs fasterer

3.406 Descargas

codebreaker_game 0.1.8

Test application for RubyGarage.

3.266 Descargas

contrast-agent 3.12.1

This gem instantiates a Rack middleware for rack-based web applications in order to pro...

3.263 Descargas

codebreaker_artuomka 0.1.8

Some logic game

3.232 Descargas

devise_pkcs12_authenticatable 0.1.0

PKCS #12 authentication for Devise.

3.205 Descargas

lite-redis 1.0.5

Access Redis with an ActiveRecord like ORM interface

3.186 Descargas

lite-report 1.0.5

Import and export Ruby and Rails objects to flat files and vice versa

2.939 Descargas

active_memoize 2.0.3

Cache and memoize expensive calculations.

2.910 Descargas

lite-memoize 1.0.3

Cache and memoization helpers for ruby Ruby classes

2.903 Descargas

bemer 0.4.0

Build reusable UI components for Rails applications with the ability to use the BEM met...

2.883 Descargas

codebreaker_ruban 0.3.8


2.735 Descargas

codebreaker_dmitriev 0.2.2


2.730 Descargas

lite-service 1.0.3

Ruby Service Object (aka Commands) framework

2.673 Descargas

lite-form 1.0.5

Ruby Form based framework (aka form objects)

2.606 Descargas

Total de descargas 1.226.535

Para esta versión 112.910

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