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Reverse dependencies for faraday-http-cache Latest version of the following gems require faraday-http-cache

danger 8.4.2

Stop Saying 'You Forgot To…' in Code Review

29,630,022 下載

metainspector 5.11.2

MetaInspector lets you scrape a web page and get its links, images, texts, meta tags...

1,589,747 下載

github_changelog_generator 1.16.4

Changelog generation has never been so easy. Fully automate changelog generation - this...

1,264,835 下載

mauth-client 6.3.0

Client for signing and authentication of requests and responses with mAuth authenticati...

888,042 下載


Use Square APIs to manage and run business including payment, customer, product, invent...

391,432 下載

restful_resource 2.13.0

A simple activerecord inspired rest resource base class implemented using rest-client

125,236 下載

messagemedia_messages_sdk 2.0.3

The MessageMedia Messages API provides a number of endpoints for building powerful two-...

101,984 下載

shipit-engine 0.35.1

Application deployment software

95,162 下載

lws 7.5.0

This library for Ruby provides access to the LeftClick web services/applications using...

77,212 下載

frenetic 3.0.1

An opinionated Ruby-based Hypermedia API client.

76,262 下載

bandwidth-sdk 9.1.0

Bandwidth's set of APIs

70,430 下載

openstax_utilities 5.0.0

Shared utilities for OpenStax web sites

60,925 下載

bodhi-slam 0.8.7

Ruby bindings for the Bodhi API & factories for random data generation

59,476 下載

boletosimples 1.0.4

Boleto Simples API wrapper.

54,868 下載

active_record_api-request 0.3.16

A ruby library for making requests to the services using the active_record_api-rest_con...

51,429 下載

bootic_client 0.0.30

Official Ruby client for the Bootic API

51,268 下載

rake-xpi 0.0.42

rake helper to build XPI files

46,914 下載

wp-api-client 0.3.0

A read-only client for the WordPress REST API (v2).

37,988 下載

homeaway-api 1.4.1

Ruby SDK for interacting with the HomeAway API

37,525 下載

tinybucket 1.6.0

ruby wrapper for the Bitbucket REST API (v2) with oauth inspired by vongrippen/bitbucket.

34,271 下載

ghuls-lib 3.0.3

The library used for and by the GHULS applications.

33,936 下載

rails_sso 0.7.5

Single Sign On solution via OAuth2 for Ruby on Rails.

33,890 下載

houston-core 0.9.2

Mission Control for your projects and teams

33,282 下載

chairman 0.4

GitHub authentication routes and tools for Sinatra apps

32,130 下載


Over's custom CI / CD toolchain, integrating, Github, Github and ITC

27,296 下載

wwo 0.3.10

Rubygem for accessing the free and premium weather APIs from World Weather Online. Ins...

23,758 下載

wcc-blogs-client 0.7.3

Simple Client for accessing WCC Blog library content

19,405 下載

opensesame 0.4.0

Rails engine for authenticating internal applications and private-access products

17,160 下載

shaf_client 1.1.0

A HAL client customized for Shaf APIs

16,313 下載

pdc 0.1.13


13,295 下載

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