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extracter 1.2.31

This fairly small project can be used to extract different archive formats such as .tar.bz2 or .tbz - archives such as .gem and .lzma will also work. You can also extract audio, by making use of class ExtractAudio (part of the multimedia_paradise gem. The latter is - and should be - optional, though. If you have no such use case then you won't need to install the multimedia_paradise gem. Usage example: require 'extracter''/foo/bla-1.0.tar.bz2') The second argument that can be passed to the method new() specifies where this should be extract to. For example:'/foo/bla-1.0.tar.bz2', '/opt') This would extract to the /opt directory. You can query whether input is an archive or not via: Extracter.is_archive? 'foo.tar.xz' As of April 2014 we also provide a bin/extract file, so that you can simply extract something from the commandline. Since as of November 2018, class Extracter can also "extract" .iso files. (The .iso will be mounted to a directory that will be created, actually.)

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