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expiration-date 1.0.0

Wandering the grocery aisle the other day I saw a package of bacon with a neon green sticker screaming for all to hear "THIS BACON ONLY COSTS ONE DOLLAR!!!". Screaming bacon always intrigues me, so I grabbed the nearest store manager. He works at the coffee shop next door, but when I told him about the screaming bacon he had to come and see for himself. "Oh, it's a manager's special" he told me. "When products get too old the manager will reduce the price so they sell more quickly. This allows new products to be put on the shelves, and the store can make some money instead of throwing out the expired products". I stared at him blankly. He wandered back to the coffee shop and had a latte. I continued to stand there thinking about expiring products and how Ruby could benefit from neon green stickers and stale bacon. Eventually the grocery store manager came by and asked me if everything was okay. I grabbed him by the collar, pointed at the bacon and yelled "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!?!?". I ran from the store, grabbed my laptop, and whipped up this little gem. EXPIRATION DATE (now with more neon green). Now ruby can expire it's bacon, too, just like the grocery store, and make room for more bacon from the delivery truck.

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