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engtaggerの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require engtagger

twitter_ebooks 3.1.6

Markov chains for all your friends~

751,017 ダウンロード

gherkin_lint 1.2.2

Lint Gherkin Files

459,779 ダウンロード

word_count_analyzer 1.0.1

Word Count Analyzer is a Ruby gem that analyzes a string for potential areas of the tex...

60,551 ダウンロード

gemmyrb 0.1.6

Some general ruby language utils, including a gem generator. See

25,840 ダウンロード

text_rank 1.3.1

Implementation of TextRank solution to ranked keyword extraction. See https://web.eecs...

25,405 ダウンロード

madlibber 0.0.8

Turns any chunk of text into a Mad Lib.

21,530 ダウンロード

chat_correct 0.0.8

A Ruby gem to help students improve their English. A teacher can correct a student's se...

18,944 ダウンロード

style-scanner 0.0.7

Flag errors with your writing Style

14,133 ダウンロード

urmum 0.0.3

Taking natural language and throwing it back at you as "you're a"/"your mum's a" jokes

9,340 ダウンロード

dogeify 1.1.0

Convert everyday boring English into doge speak!

9,329 ダウンロード

bot_twitter_ebooks 3.3.2

A framework for building interactive twitterbots which generate tweets based on pseudo-...

8,339 ダウンロード

presume 0.0.4

Presume is the only open-source Applicant Tracking System technology for Ruby-on-Rails ...

8,070 ダウンロード

wordstats 1.0.3

A unique gem that allows users to gather analysis of literary statistics and usage.

7,295 ダウンロード

automated_metareview 0.0.2

automated metareview

7,034 ダウンロード

ruby_html 0.0.6

Build HTML with Ruby

6,279 ダウンロード

find_noun 0.1.4

Gem will help find noun,verb,adjective in your sentence and length

6,131 ダウンロード

known_item_search_classifier 0.2.1

Classify search query strings

5,996 ダウンロード

dakine 0.0.3

Translates English to Hawaiian Pidgin English

5,761 ダウンロード

twitter_ebooks_poll 3.2.3

Markov chains for all your friends~

5,671 ダウンロード

dojefiy 1.1.0

Just a gem to try gem release

5,591 ダウンロード

colorful_reading 0.0.2

Colorize sentences by part of speech in English for CLI.

4,934 ダウンロード

dodgula 0.0.4

Convert everyday boring English into doge speak!

4,525 ダウンロード

happy-dogeify 0.1.2

Convert everyday boring English into doge speak!

4,326 ダウンロード

dogert 1.0.0

Convert everday boring English into doge.

3,061 ダウンロード

foxdear_ebooks 3.1.8

Markov chains for all your friends~

3,031 ダウンロード

lulz 0.0.2

Changes english words to Doge language. For the lulz.

2,941 ダウンロード

dogerific 0.1.0

Turn any phrase in to a dogerific sentence with a single command.

2,870 ダウンロード

dogeify_dere 1.0.1

Convert everyday boring English into doge speak!

2,824 ダウンロード

markesparke 0.0.1

"First Gem"

2,822 ダウンロード

dogeify_guru 0.1.0

Convert everyday boring English into doge speak!

2,817 ダウンロード

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