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Dependencias inversas para dm-timestamps Latest version of the following gems require dm-timestamps

data_mapper 1.2.0

Faster, Better, Simpler.

1.585.590 Descargas

engineyard-cloud-client 2.1.1

This gem connects to the EY Cloud API

637.496 Descargas

datamapper 1.2.0

Faster, Better, Simpler.

401.155 Descargas

dm-devise 2.2.1

dm-devise adds DataMapper support to devise ( fo...

177.776 Descargas

opentox-ruby-api-wrapper 1.6.5

Ruby wrapper for the OpenTox REST API (

68.007 Descargas

ronin 1.5.1

Ronin is a Ruby platform for vulnerability research and exploit development. Ronin allo...

67.600 Descargas

rails_dm_datastore 0.2.16

This gem patches all of the problems that appear from running Rails with DataMapper on ...

43.215 Descargas

sinatra-authentication 0.4.1

Simple authentication plugin for sinatra.

36.285 Descargas

ixtlan 0.4.3

this is set of rails and datamapper plugins for setting up a little more advanced rails...

34.187 Descargas

opentox-ruby 4.0.0

Ruby wrapper for the OpenTox REST API (

26.157 Descargas

orange-more 0.7.3

Orange is a Ruby framework for building managed websites with code as simple as Sinatra

24.169 Descargas

ircbot 0.2.2

An irc bot framework that offers easy-to-use by plugins

20.061 Descargas

hancock 0.0.8

A gem that provides a Single Sign On server

19.851 Descargas

desviar 0.0.18

Desviar provides URL redirection; some possible applications include: - Web signup proc...

17.579 Descargas

mason-server 0.0.5

builds things

17.271 Descargas

redsafe 0.1.6

Red Safe is a conveyor belt to get your web-based project on a fast roll.

17.048 Descargas

auxesis-flapjack 0.4.10

Flapjack is highly scalable and distributed monitoring system. It understands the Nagio...

15.375 Descargas

js-client-bridge 0.1.6

Little library that encapsulates a (particular) standardised way of talking between a s...

14.929 Descargas

torquebox-stompbox 0.3.3

StompBox - Git-based deployment console for TorqueBox

12.642 Descargas

entp-astrotrain 0.4.3

email => http post

12.475 Descargas

ixtlan-optimistic 0.2.4

optimistic find/get on model via updated_at timestamp for datamapper and activerecord

12.005 Descargas

ixtlan-user-management 0.3.1

helper for managing users with login/password via local db or remote rest-services

11.294 Descargas

ixtlan-configuration 0.2.2

configuration for other ixtlan-xyz wth serializer, input-filter and cuba definition

11.216 Descargas

sras 2.1.6

Asset server for use with OpenSimulator

11.145 Descargas

jm81-dm-address 0.5.0

Add address fields to a DataMapper model. This includes optional validations, and addit...

11.034 Descargas


Your Friendly Continuous Integration server. Easy, fun and painless!

9.707 Descargas

accounts 0.0.1

Accounts::Server defines the following paths for your web-app: * POST '/logon' * POST ...

8.803 Descargas

fox 0.6.3

Commandline interface and library to the Fox Scientific Paper Suite

8.121 Descargas

dm-deep_cloning 1.0.3

A library that lets you clone objects and object graphs

7.561 Descargas


Simple authentication plugin for sinatra.

7.418 Descargas

Total de descargas 2.185.613

Para esta versión 1.863.765

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