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daru 0.3

Daru (Data Analysis in RUby) is a library for analysis, manipulation and visualization ...

782.087 Descargas

statsample 2.1.0

A suite for basic and advanced statistics on Ruby. Tested on CRuby 1.9.3, 2.0.0 and 2.1...

568.796 Descargas

y_petri 2.4.9

YPetri is a DSL (domain-specific language) for modelling of dynamical systems. It is bi...

124.919 Descargas

rbbt-dm 1.1.57

Data-mining and statistics

87.501 Descargas

trailguide 0.4.7

Perform user experiments and A/B tests in your rails apps

48.263 Descargas

rubyneat 0.5.3

RubyNEAT -- Neural Evolution of Augmenting Topologies for Ruby. By way of an enhanced...

20.900 Descargas

rails-data-explorer 1.0.4

rails-data-explorer is a Rails Engine plugin that makes it easy to explore the data in ...

19.956 Descargas

mspire-simulator 0.3.2

Simulates MS1 runs given amino acid FASTA files. Outputs an MZML file. Can simulate ...

19.609 Descargas

sciruby-full 0.2.11

Scientific gems for Ruby. This is the full installation with rigid version constraints.

18.806 Descargas

ruby-spark 1.2.1

Ruby wrapper for Apache Spark

17.297 Descargas

crokus 0.1.9

Crokus is a parser for a subset of C language. It has been use for teaching purposes an...

15.522 Descargas

api_mini_tester 0.1.15

Runs automated REST API based on YAML definition. Uses templates for API requests, mock...

13.995 Descargas

u-mann-whitney 0.2.1

Non-parametric test for assessing whether two independent samples of observations come ...

9.057 Descargas

finance_engine 0.0.3

Financial Engine Gem. Functionality for put/call pricing, annuity valuation, Gordon Gro...

6.687 Descargas

positronic_brain 0.0.3

A Toolbox of Artificial Intelligence designed to help to solve a wide range of problems

5.108 Descargas

Rsquared 0.0.2

A full-featured Ruby statistics library with assumption verification

5.086 Descargas

mixed_models 0.1.1

Fit statistical (linear) models with fixed and mixed (random) effects in Ruby

4.770 Descargas

benchmark-lab 0.0.3

Run Real Experiment and Calculate Non-Parametric Statistics.

4.672 Descargas

bayesab 0.0.1

Command line tool and library for analyzing Bayesian A/B tests.

3.033 Descargas

sexpir 0.0.3

sexpir is a sexp-based interchange format for RTL design

2.277 Descargas


A suite for basic and advanced statistics on Ruby

1.544 Descargas

ruby_rtl 0.0.1

ruby_rtl is a simple DSL for HW(RTL) design

1.313 Descargas

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