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dimensions 的反向依赖 1.3.0

rails-sass-images 2.0.0

Sass functions and mixins to inline images and get images size

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jsduck 5.3.4

Documentation generator for Sencha JS frameworks

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alula 0.4.27

Alula creates higly optimised static blogs while taking all the complexity and repeated...

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maid 0.7.0

Be lazy. Let Maid clean up after you, based on rules you define. Think of it as "Hazel ...

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lorem_ipsum_amet 0.6.2

Generate blind texts and placeholder images with tons of options in Ruby, Ruby on Rails...

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dimensions-rails 1.1.2

Use dimensions by @sstephenson to add automatic images size and improve browser rendering

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html2odt 0.4.4

html2odt generates ODT documents based on HTML fragments using xhtml2odt

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sumitup 0.1.5

Given an html document or fragment this gem will build a summary of the content.

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lineup 0.7.3

lineup takes to screenshots of your app and compares them to references in order to fin...

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cmsimple 0.2.3

A simple CMS based on the Mercury editor

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flickrcaptionr 1.1.0

flickrcaptionr generates images, given a Flickr or other oEmbed-supported source, at th...

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image2pdf 0.1.0

This is a pure Ruby command line program that converts a set of images into a PDF docum...

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looks 0.2.0

Control your Gravatar account from the command line.

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shrimple 0.8.6

Use PhantomJS to generate PDFs, PNGs, text files, etc.

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sassc-image-size 0.1.0

image-(size|width|height) function for sassc

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reddit_image_downloader 0.1.1

Reddit Image Downloader is a command line tool for downloading images from Reddit. ...

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Solvas fork of JSDuck

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rack-thumb-proxy 0.0.9

Rack middleware for resizing proxied requests for images which don't reside on your own...

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mountable_file_server 3.0.1

Simple mountable server that handles file uploads

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kithe 1.1.2

Shareable tools/components for building a digital collections app in Rails.

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shibkit-meta_meta 0.2.2

Utilities for friendly handling of Shibboleth/SAML2 metadata. Easily download and parse...

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markdown2docx 0.1.3

Combines markdown in a yaml file with a docx template

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markdown2docx 0.1.3

Combines markdown in a yaml file with a docx template

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rsqip 0.0.2

Ruby port of SVG LQIP

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supplejack_api 1

Supplejack API

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middleman-srcset_images 0.2.0

Middleman plugin for automatic img tags with proper srcset attributes. You can configur...

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